Papers on the following Modern Foreign Languages will be set on application:

(a) Chinese (826), (b) French (828), (c) German (829), (d) Tibetan (835), (e) Spanish (836)


There will be one paper of three hours duration of 100 marks.

1. A short composition in the language. A choice of subjects will be given.

2. A passage in the language for unprepared translation into English.

3. An unseen passage in the language with questions based upon it. Candidates may be required to make a summary in the language of part of the passage and to answer other questions of the following types: explanation of individual words or phrases or sentences; questions to test comprehension. Questions of all these types will not necessarily be set at any one given examination.

4. Questions on prescribed textbooks. Candidates will be required to answer two questions on one or two of the prescribed textbooks.
* Prescribed textbooks will be notified separately.


In Foreign languages for which texts are not available, Part 4 will consist of –

(a) one passage for translation from the language into English.

(b) one passage for translation from English into the language.

Schools that have candidates offering a foreign language should consult/contact the Council in time, regarding prescribed textbooks.
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