A succession of numbers formed according to some definite rule is called a sequence. For example 1, 3, 5, 7,9 ……. is a sequence, here each term of the sequence can be obtained by adding 2 to the preceding term.

Types of Sequence

There are two types of sequence.

  1. Finite sequence
  2. Infinite sequence

a sequence is said to be a finite or infinite according as it has finite or infinite number of terms.


If {fn} be a sequence then an expression of the form f1 + f2 + …… + fn is called series. In other word a series is the sum of the terms of the sequence.


If the terms of a sequence are written under specific condition then the sequence is called progression. There are three types of progressions.

  1. Arithmetic Progression
  2. Geometric Progression
  3. Harmonic Progression
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