NCO 2014 – 2015 CQ Report for Students

The Report contains the details of student performance. 


  • Total Score
  • School Rank
  • City Rank
  • State Rank
  • International  Rank

B. Question wise correct answer keys and comparison with the answers given by student.

C. Topic wise performance of the student with relative strengths / weaknesses.

D. Past 4 years performance / ranking in the NCO exam.

NCO 2014 – 2015 SCQ Report for Schools

This report has two parts:

Part – A and Part – B

Part – A contains the details of student performance. This part contains the following:

  • Roll Number
  • Name of the student
  • Score
  • School Rank
  • City Rank
  • State Rank
  • International Rank

Part-B has the comparative information based on skill/units in the curriculum as prescribed by NCERT/different state boards for each class, unit wise average score of the school and standard deviation, which are compared with the International average and standard deviation. For easier understanding the same has been given in the graphical form as well. Part B contains the following:

  • Name unit/skill (class wise)
  • Average of school scores (class wise)
  • S.D. (standard deviation) of school
  • International average in that particular skill/unit
  • S.D. at international level
  • Graphical representation

It is our belief that this information will give you a clear picture of student performance and will be used by school to further improve upon the level of performance of their students at the state as well as international level.

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