The International Physics Olympiad tests students’ ability to tackle physics problems theoretically and through experiments. As well as an interest in and understanding of physics, success requires creativity, inventiveness and perseverance. The tasks cover a large part of the physics field: from mechanics to thermodynamics, electromagnetism, optics and the theory of relativity to quantum mechanics.

The theoretical and practical exams are prepared by the organizers and form the core of the Olympiad. During 48th IPhO 2017, the problems will be presented to the International Board (the Leaders) and the authors will answer any questions raised. Once the problems have been approved, they will be translated into more than 50 languages. This preparatory work tends to go on until the early hours. Consequently, the students must be kept separate from the Leaders for the duration of the Olympiad, and two separate programs need to be prepared. The structure of the program is based on the international standards for 48th IPhO 2017.

Latest: IPhO 2017 Result, Problems, Answer Sheets, & Solutions have been published, check it through the links provided below.

IPhO 2017 – International Physics Olympiad

The offering is rounded off by a program of supplementary events, which provides ample opportunity for networking and cultural exchange and for the host countries to present themselves.

The IPhO is held in a different country each year. Bali, Indonesia have been selected to host the event in 2017.

Date of Exam: 16 – 24 Jul 2017

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The result of 48th International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) 2017 has been published by the officials. Candidates can check the result through the direct link provided below.

Result: Click Here to check IPhO 2017 Result.

Questions & Answer Keys

Candidates can check the questions, answer keys & solution from the links provided below.

Questions Answer Sheet Solutions/Marking Scheme
Experimental Exams
Question 1 (E1) Check Here Check Here
Question 2 (E2) Check Here Check Here
Theory Exams
Question 1 (T1) Check Here Check Here
Question 2 (T2) Check Here Check Here
Question 3 (T3) Check Here Check Here

Application Form for 48th IPHO 2017

International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) 2017 is scheduled to be held on 16 to 24 Jul 2017. Bali, Indonesia have been selected to host the event in 2017. Direct link to fill the application form for 48th IPhO has been provided here as per official announcement.

Important Instructions

An email will be sent for the invitation letter to all of the country leaders to fill pre-registration form.

After receiving the email, the leaders have to confirm their country participation by email to [email protected] as soon as they receive the invitation. The due date of this confirmation is 15 January 2017.

IPhO will respond the confirmation by sending you the link to access the pre-registration form, as well as the username and login password of the related country. Please quote Ref: IPhO2017_[Country Name] in all correspondence.

The leaders should fill in the form and submit the data as soon as possible, starts from 07 January 2017. Please note that the due date to fill in the form is on 20 January 2017. Any countries that find difficulties to fill in the form in the time range above, please inform us as soon as possible. The data collected by this pre-registration are important for us to send the official invitation letter to the government of each participating country, so the participants can use it to apply for Indonesian visa.

Please note that the full registration will open from 01 April 2017 until 30 April 2017.


Date Students Leaders
Sun, 16 July Arrival, Registration Arrival, Registration
Mon, 17 July Registration
Opening Ceremony
Opening Ceremony
Excursion Discussion and Translation of Experimental Exam
Tue, 18 July Experimental Exam Excursion
Wed, 19 July Excursion Discussion and Translation of Theoretical Exam
Distribution of Copies of Experimental Exam
Thu, 20 July Theoretical Exam Excursion
Fri, 21 July Excursion Distribution of Copies of Theoretical Exam
Sat, 22 July Excursion Moderation
International Board Meeting for Final Vote on Marks
Sun, 23 July Closing Ceremony Closing Ceremony
Mon, 24 July Departure Departure

Participant Fee

The host country covers all costs from the arrival at the location of the IPhO 2017 until departure of the delegations. This includes the costs of :

  • Boarding and lodging of the delegations
  • Excursions
  • Medals, awards, certificates, other prizes, etc.

The Leaders of the participating countries must ensure that their government/sponsor covers the cost for the delegation of :

  • Return travel to the location of the competition
  • Health & travel insurance for the period of the competition.
  • The participation fee for each delegation is US$ 3500/team (consists of 2 Leaders and 5 Students)
  • The participation fee for each Observer is US$ 1800/person
  • The participation fee for each Visitor US$ 2000/person

Do come and join us in this unforgettable innovative scientific journey in the mesmerizing island of Gods, Bali

Questions and Model Answers 2016

Theoretical Tasks
T1 T2 T3
T1 Questions
T1 Answers
T1 Solutions T2 Questions
T2 Answers
T2 Solutions T3 Questions
T3 Answers
T3 Solutions

Final Rank List 2016

The Final Rank List for the International Physics Olympiad 2016 has been announced. Earlier, IPhO 2016 Exam was held from 10 – 18 Jul 2016. Candidates who appeared for the IPhO 2016 can check the Rank List on the official website as well as on this page below.

  • To check the IPhO 2016 Delegation wise Result – Click Here

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