Polyesters:-Polymers which have the ester linkage are called polyesters and are prepared by condensation polymerisation of diacids and diols.



  • The fibre of terylene is highly crease-resistant.
  • It is also not damaged by pests like moths or mildew.


  • It is used in manufacture of wash and wear fabrics.
  • It is used for making magnetic recording tapes.

Few Important Questions

Q.1      How do you explain the functionality of monomers?
Ans.     Functionality means the number of bonding sites in a molecule. For example the functionality ethane, propene, styrene, acrylonitrile is one while that of 1,3-butadiene adipic acid, teraphalic acid hexamethylenediamine is two.

Q.2       Explain the term copolymerization and give two examples.
Ans.     When two or different monomers are allowed to polymerize together, the product formed is called a copolymer and the process is called copolymerisation.

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