Application of colloids in everyday life:-

  1. Medicines:-most of medicines used are in colloidal form
    (a) Argyrol used as an eye lotion is silver sol
    (b) Milk of magnesia used an antacid is emulsion
  2. Artificial rain:-Artificialrain can be brought by spraying electrified or oppositely charged colloidal dustor sand particles over a cloud.
  3. Formation rain :– River water contains charged colloidal particles of clay, sand and many other materials
    Sea water is store house of electrolytes. Thus river water comes in contact with sea water the colloidal particles or river water gets coagulated due to the sea’s electrolytes and settle down to forming a huge mass of sand known as delta.
    Purification of water:- the precipitation of colloidal impurities present in water can be done by adding electrolytes like alum.
  4. Smoke precipitation:– Smoke particles are actually electrically charged colloidal particles of carbon in the air peptization of the smoke particles is carried out by cotterell precipitator which is based upon the principle of electrophoresis.
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