The important oxyacids of S, Se and Te are given in the table.
The p Block Elements Chemistry Notes
But the oxyacids of sulphur are more important.

Extraction of sulphur
(a) Frasch Process
In this method of extraction, sulphur is extracted from underground deposits. The underground deposits are melted through passing superheated (~ 440 K) steam down the beds of ore. The molten sulphur is then blown out with the help of compressed air.

(b) From natural gas
Sulphur can be recovered from the natural gas which includes separating out of H2S by absorption into monoethanolamine and then converting H2S in to sulphur by the following sequence of reactions.

The p Block Elements Chemistry Notes

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Class 12 Chemistry “The p Block Elements” All Topic Notes Class 12 Chemistry All Chapters Notes

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