The p Block Elements Chemistry Notes

Structure of Xeon compounds
The structure of xenon compounds are explained on the basis of VSEPR theory as well as the concept of hybridization.

The p Block Elements Chemistry Notes

Uses of Nobles gas

The noble gases are used in following ways:

(A) Helium
(i) It is used to fill airships and observation balloons.
(ii) In the oxygen mixture of deep sea divers.
(iii) In treatment of asthma.
(iv) used in inflating aeroplane tyres.
(v) Used to provide inert atmosphere in melting and welding of easily oxidizable metals.

(B) Neon
(i) It is used for filling discharge tubes, which have different characteristic colours and are used in advertising purposes.
(ii) Also used in beacon lights for safety of air navigators as the light possesses fog and stram perpetrating power.
(C) Argon
Along with nitrogen it is used in gas filled electric lamps because argon is more inert than nitrogen.

The p Block Elements Chemistry Notes

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Class 12 Chemistry “The p Block Elements” All Topic Notes Class 12 Chemistry All Chapters Notes

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