Mizoram Board of School Education has released  all the important information about the High School Leaving Certificate Examination 2017 and onwards, based on the Integrated Evaluation Scheme for Secondary Stage, which shall be conducted by the Mizoram Board of School Education. The scheme of examination and the design of question paper as prescribed the MBSE are provided in detail on this page.

Mizoram Board (MBSE) Scheme of Examinations 2017

The Scheme of Examination for the High School Leaving Certificate Examination 2017 for different subjects is set in accordance with the knowledge, comprehension and expression in each subject. The pass criteria and question design for each subject is also defined on the basis of percentage of marks or grades obtained by the students. Marks/grades shall be awarded for individual subjects and the aggregate marks shall be given.

The examination shall be conducted in theory as well as in practical, depending upon the nature of subject(s). Class IX Promotional Examination shall be conducted internally by the schools themselves. The Board shall conduct the external examinations at the end of Class X.

Class X examinations shall be based on the Syllabi as prescribed by the Board for Class X from time to time.

Scheme of Examination

Assessment in the following subjects shall be undertaken by the schools themselves in terms of grades on a Five-Point Scale (i.e. A, B, C, D & E)

  • Work Experience
  • Art Education
  • Physical and Health Education

The evaluation for non-graded subjects includes both internal and external assessment. Internal assessment shall be based on the record of the candidate during his/her continuous assessment in the school and shall carry a maximum of 20 marks.

Schools are expected to maintain regular records of student’s achievement and progress. These records are subject to scrutiny by the Board when it deems fit.

Details of question papers, marks and duration for external assessment are given below and shall supercede the scheme of examinations prescribed in the curriculum book issued in October, 2008 :

Notes :

  • Practicals in Science (10 marks), Home Science (10 marks), Introductory Information Technology (50 marks) shall be conducted by the schools and marks shall be reported to the Board. For further details, refer to the syllabi of the discipline concerned.
  • The physically challenged candidates from recognized schools, unable to take part in Work Experience, Art Education and Physical & Health Education, shall be granted exemption by the Chairman of the Board on the recommendation of the Head of Institution on the merit of each case. Request for exemption should be supported by documentary evidence like Medical Certificate from a Medical Officer not below the rank of an Assistant Surgeon.
  • Assessment of the subjects for Private candidates sponsored by Adult Schools shall be made by the Center Superintendent/Head of Institution.

MBSE Mizoram Pass Criteria

A candidate shall be declared to have passed in the High School Leaving Certificate Examination if he/she obtains

  • At least 33% of total marks in each theory paper
  • At least 33% of total marks in each practical paper
  • At least 33% of the aggregate marks,
  • At least ‘D’ grade in the internally assessed subjects.

A candidate shall be required to pass separately in:

  1. Theory and Practical Papers.
  2. Internal assessment and External assessment.

Classification of successful candidates

The criteria to classify students in different division is also laid down by MBSE. The details of which are as follows.

A candidate shall be placed in

  • Distinction Division if he/she secures 75% or more of the aggregate marks
  • First Division if he/she secures 60% and above but below 75% of the aggregate marks
  • Second Division if he/she secures 50% and above but below 60% of the aggregate marks.
  • Third Division if he/she secures 33% and above but below 50% of the aggregate marks.

A candidate, securing 80% and above of the total marks in a particular subject, shall be declared as Letter Class in that subject inclusive of additional subjects and shall be indicated in their result with an English alphabet ‘L’.

Eligibility for Compartmental Examination

A candidate failing in one of the five subjects of external examination shall be eligible for Compartmental Examination in that subject provided he/she qualifies in all the graded subjects and in the internal assessment of the subject.

MBSE Mizoram Question Design

The Mizoram Board of School Education has defined the pattern of the question paper which shall be followed by the examiner while preparing the question paper for different subjects. The guidelines for the question paper design are issued for all the subjects and classes separately. The weightage to different topics in each subject is fixed. The candidates are advised to check the MBSE Mizoram Question Design and prepare themselves accordingly. The classwise details of the Question Design and Blueprint are available in the information brochure.

For detailed information about MBSE Scheme of Examination 2017 – Download Information Brochure

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