20. Sodium salts of some acids are very useful food preservatives suggest a few?
Ans. Sodium salts of benzoic acid, sorbic acid, propanoic acid are used as the food preservatives.

21. What is the role of bithional in toilet soap?
Ans. Bithional acts as an antiseptic agent and reduces the odours produced by bacterial decomposition of organic matter on the skin.

22. Give one example of each of following?
i. An artificial sweetner whose used in cold drinks only?
Ans. Since aspartame is decomposes at baking or cooking temperature thus it is used as an artificial sweetner in cold drinks
ii. A non ionic detergent?
Ans. Ester of steric acid with polyethylene glycol.

23. What is the difference saccharin and saccharic acid?
Ans. Saccharin is an artificial sweetner saccharic acid on the other hand is a dibasic acid obtained by bacterial oxidation of glucose in mouth or by con. HNO3 in the laboratory

24. Which class of synthetic detergent is used in toothpaste?
Ans. Anionic detergents such as sodium or ammonium laurylsulphate, sodium u – Cl – dodecyl benzenesulphonate, used in toothpastes to clean the teeth and to provide Foam that helps to carry away debrs. Further lurylsulphates have significant antibacterial properties and can pententrate and dissolve the plaque.
25. Sulpha drugs work like antibiotics but they are not antibiotics is this valid statement why?

Ans. This is a valid statement since sulpha drugs like antibiotics kills microorganisms. However sulpha drugs are parely synthetic but antibiotics may be wholly or partially obtained by microorganisms.
Penicillin is whooly obtained from microorganism while amoxicillin and ampicillin are semi synthetic.

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