Prob 1.  Which one of the following is a source of energy but does not cause pollution?

                        (A)  Gasoline                                         (B)  Nuclear power plants

                        (C)  Fossil fuels                                     (D)  Sun
Sol.                  D

Prob 2.  The acid rain does not contain

                        (A)  Sulphuric acid                                (B)  Nitric acid

                        (C)  Sulphurous acid                               (D)  Acetic acid
Sol.                  D

Prob 3. Depletion of ozone layer causes

                        (A)  Blood cancer                                   (B)  Lung cancer

                        (C)  Skin cancer                                    (D)  Breast cancer
Sol.                  C

Prob 4. Which of the following is not a green house gas?

                        (A) CO2                                                      (B) CH4

                        (C)  Chloro fluoro carbons                       (D)  O2
Sol.                  D

Prob 5. Ozone layer is present in

                        (A)  Troposphere                                   (B)  Stratosphere

                        (C)  Mesosphere                                    (D)  Exosphere
Sol.                  B

Prob 6. ‘White lung cancer’ is caused by

                        (A)  Asbestos                                        (B)  Silica

                        (C)  Textiles                                        (D)  Paper
Sol.                  C

Prob 7. BOD is

                        (A)  Waste decomposed in 5 days           (B)  Oxygen used in 5 days

                        (C)  Microorganisms killed in 5 days        (D)  Dissolved oxygen left after 5 days
Sol.                  B

Prob 8.  The aromatic compounds present as particulates are

                        (A)  Benzene                                        (B)  Toluene

                        (C)  Nitrobenzene                               (D)  Polycyclic hydrocarbon
Sol.                  D

Prob 9. Which of the following is present in maximum amount in acid rain?

                        (A)  HNO3                                         (B)  H2SO4

                        (C)  HCl                                              (D)  H2CO3
Sol.                  B

Prob 10.  London smog is found in

                        (A)  Summer during day time                   (B)  Summer during morning time

                        (C)  Winter during morning time               (D)  Summer during day time
Sol.                  C
Prob 11.Which of the following is not involved in the formation of photochemical smog?

                        (A)  NO                                                (B)  O3

                        (C)  CxHy                                            (D) SO2

Sol.                  D
Prob 12. Which of the following has greatest affinity for haemoglobin :

                        (A)  CO                                               (B)  NO

                        (C)   O2                                              (D)  CO2
Sol.                  B
Prob 13. Which of the following is a secondary pollutant?

                        (A)  NO                                            (B)  CO

                        (C)   SO2                                           (D)  PAN
Sol.                  B

Prob 14. Which of the following is not considered to be a pollutant?

                        (A)    NO2                                            (B)  CO2

                        (C)     O3                                           (D)  CxHy
Sol.                  B

Prob 15. The most abundant hydrocarbon pollutant is:

                        (A)  Methane                                          (B)  Ethane

                        (C)  Propane                                          (D)  Butane
Sol.                  A

Prob 16. Which of the following is true about photochemical smog?

                        (A)  It is reducing in nature                (B)  It is formed in winter

                        (C)  It is a mixture of smoke and fog        (D)  It causes irritation in eyes
Sol.                  D

Prob 17. Which of the following is the coldest rexampleion?

                        (A)  Troposphere                                    (B)  Mesosphere

                        (C)  Stratosphere                                   (D)  Thermosphere
Sol.                  B

Prob 18. What is most harmful for life on globe?

                        (A)  Deforestation                                 (B)  Soil erosion

                        (C)  Increasing desert                         (D)  Nuclear fall out
Sol.                  D

Prob 19. If BOD of river is high, this implies that the river is

            (A)  Non polluted at all

            (B)  Highly polluted with inorganic chemicals

           (C)  Highly polluted with organic chemicals which are decomposed by microorganisms

           (D)  Polluted with pesticides
Sol.                  C

Prob 20. Fluorosis, the base disease is caused by the presence of

                        (A)  Pesticides in water                           (B)  Fluoridesis in water

                        (C)  CO in air                                                 (D)  SO2 in air
Sol.                  B

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