International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO) Answer key for Class 4

IGKO Exam was held on 12 & 22 Sep 2017 and 10 Oct 2017 at participating schools for the academic year 2017-18. Answer key is updated after the successful conduction of examination.

IGKO Exam Answer Key 2017

IGKO Exam was conducted on 12 & 22 Sep 2017 and 10 Oct 2017. Answer Key for the same is published here as per official announcement.

ISKO Answer Keys Set A Exam are given below.

 ISKO Answer Keys Set B Exam are given below.

 ISKO Answer Keys Set C Exam are given below.

International Sports Knowledge Olympiad (ISKO) Answer key for Class 4

ISKO Exam was held on 15 Sep & 04 Oct 2016. Answer key has been updated after the successfully conduction of examination.

ISKO Exam Answer Key 2016

ISKO Exam was conducted on 15 Sep & 04 Oct 2016. Answer Key for the same has been published here.

ISKO Answer Keys – Set A Exam are given below. 

ISKO Answer Keys – Set B Exam are given below.


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