Last minute preparation tips for class 10th English exam

Hi guys, in this video,we’ll be providing you some last minute tips for your english exam.


Section A

Is the reading section of 20 marks, and it contains passages of maximum marks.

And the Marking scheme for this section is that
In question no.1 there are 8 sub questions of 1 mark each, in question no.2 there are 4 sub questions of 2 marks each and 4 sub questions of 1 mark each.

Section B

Which Is writing and grammar section of 30 marks.

Marking scheme for this section is that
Question no.3 is Letter writing of 8 marks , and marks will be awarded as( 1 mark – format, 4 marks – content, 1.5 marks for accuracy and 1.5 marks for fluency) .
Question no.4 is story writing of 10 marks, and marks will be awarded as( 1 mark – title,
4 marks – content, 2.5 marks – accuracy, and 2.5 marks for fluency) .
Question no.5 is gap filling which is of 4 marks.
Question no.6 is omission of 4 marks.
And Question no.7 is sentence re – ordering of 4 marks.

Now Section C

Which Is the last section that is literature of 30 marks.
In which Question no. 8 have 4 parts of 1 mark each.
Question no.9 have 4 parts of 2 marks each.
Question no.10 is of 8 marks.
Question no.11 is of 10 marks.

First of all in section A, there are unseen passages which are very scoring because there are 2 questions of 8 marks each in it. You can do this section in less time. So Don’t give more than 40 minutes to this section. for this, first read the questions related to the passage then read the passage carefully.

Now section B which is writing and grammar section. So for this Don’t forget to read the basic rules of grammar . And don’t forget to understand the format, time and word limit of essay and letters… and If you want to make your essay and story more attractive use some famous quotes and sayings. You have to score more in this section by using your writing skills.

Now section C which is a literature section, in this you have to write better answers for better marks. Questions are divided in this section ie. long answer type and short answer type. For long answer type questions write answers with highlighting important points so that your answer looks attractive. And try to write answers in points, Go through all the poets and author names. And read summary of the chapters for better understanding.

In the end I would suggest you to write in good handwriting because handwriting is the key to get a good marks.

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