CBSE Sample Question Papers for Class 11 Business Studies Set A with Answers are now available for download in PDF format. CBSE Sample Paper is provided below with answers as per the guidelines of CBSE board marking scheme.

Central Board of Secondary Education Board Exam Sample Question Paper for Class 11 is given here. CBSE Class 11 Business Studies Sample Paper gives an idea of question paper pattern and marking scheme

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11 Business Studies (Solved) – Set A

Business Studies question paper is divided into two parts.

Part A: Foundations of Business is for 50 marks and contains (i) Nature and Purpose of Business, (ii) Forms of Business Organisations, (iii)Public, Private and Global Enterprises, (iv) Business Services, (v) Emerging Modes of Business and (vi) Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics

Part B: Organisation, Finance, and Trade is for 50 marks and contains (i) Sources of Business Finance, (ii) Small Business, (iii) Internal Trade, (iv) International Business and (v) Project Work

Set A of Solved CBSE Sample Paper for Class 11 Business Studies is given below with PDF of its solutions.

Sample Question Paper

1. Name the trade where import of goods is made before the export of goods. 1

2. Which act governs joint Hindu family business ? 1

3. In which form of business organization, every member acts both as an agent and as a principal? 1

4. Which form of public sector enterprises is most suitable when national security is concerned ? 1

5. Which type of public enterprises is established under a special act of the parliament ? 1

6. In which type of public enterprises, control lies in the hands of the concerned ministry ? 1

7. Mention any one advantage of Joint venture ? 1

8. Mention any one point of difference traditional business and e-business ? 1

9. Give any two examples of business ethics ? 1

10. Who is a promoter ? 1

11. In which retail stores consumers are the owners? 1

12. Name any 2 itinerant retailers. 1

13. What is the major reason underlying trade between nations ? 1

14. What do you mean by ‘Internal Trade’? What are its two types? 3

15. How would you differentiate between an ancillary unit and a tiny unit? 3

16. State any 3 differences between Fire and Marine Insurance. 3

17. Give any 3 advantages of Intercorporate deposits. 3

18. State the different ways in which an entrepreneur can deal with risk. 3

19. State any four institutions working for the benefit of the small scale industries. 4

20. What are equity shares? Discuss its various features. 4

21. On the death of his father, Imran joined his father’s partnership firm having 2 other active partners as a Minor Partner. On becoming Major, he closely observed the following practices in the firm.
(i) Overbilling the invoice.
(ii) Sales tax evasion.
(iii) Showing higher amount of wages in book of accounts but actually paying low amount.
(iv) Undervaluation of the stock than actually available. Identify the values affected here. (Value based Question) 4

22. What do you mean by ‘Partnership deed’ ? State its main contents. 4

23. Briefly discuss the major causes of environmental pollution. 4

24. Discuss the various principles of contract of insurance. 5

25. Briefly discuss various merits and limitations of outsourcing. 5

26. Discuss the various WTO agreements. 5

27. What do you mean by Lease Financing ? Discuss its merits and demerits ? 6
Discuss the various types of preference shares.

28. What do you mean by Global Enterprises ? Briefly discuss its various characteristics. 6
Discuss the rationale for giving dominant role to public sector.

29. Differentiate between partnership and company form of business organisation. 6
Discuss the various types of partners and indicate in which cases, the partners have unlimited liability ?

30. Discuss the features fo a departmental store. How are they different from multiple shops? 6
Explain the role of wholesalers in the present day business. Can we dispense away their role?

Sample Question Paper Solutions

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