CBSE Sample Question Papers for Class 11 Business Studies Set B with Answers are now available for download in PDF format. CBSE Sample Paper is provided below with answers as per the guidelines of CBSE board marking scheme.

Central Board of Secondary Education Board Exam Sample Question Paper for Class 11 is given here. CBSE Class 11 Business Studies Sample Paper gives an idea of question paper pattern and marking scheme.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11 Business Studies (Solved) – Set B

Business Studies question paper is divided into two parts.

Part A: Foundations of Business is for 50 marks and contains (i) Nature and Purpose of Business, (ii) Forms of Business Organisations, (iii)Public, Private and Global Enterprises, (iv) Business Services, (v) Emerging Modes of Business and (vi) Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics

Part B: Organisation, Finance, and Trade is for 50 marks and contains (i) Sources of Business Finance, (ii) Small Business, (iii) Internal Trade, (iv) International Business and (v) Project Work

Set B of Solved CBSE Sample Paper for Class 11 Business Studies is given below with PDF of its solutions.

Sample Question Paper

1. Which type of partnership is formed for completing a particular project ? 1

2. Which type of business risk involves both the possibility of gain as well as the possibility of loss ? 1

3. Which form of business organization is preferred on the basis of cost and case of formation ? 1

4. What is the main function of the Board of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR) ? 1

5. Give the meaning of Multinational company. 1

6. Give the meaning of outsourcing. 1

7. How ‘Control consideration’ determines the choice of source of finance ? 1

8. Why does a statutory corporation enjoy a high degree of operational flexibility ? 1

9. What is the role of underwriters in the capital subscription stage of a public limited company ? 1

10. “Owned capital is in the form of Risk Capital” How ? 1

11. When is a debit note sent by the buyer to the seller? State any one situation. 1

12. Why the employees should be involved in developing ethical programmes ? 1

13. Give any three points of difference between business and employment. 3

14. Distinguish between GATT and WTO. 3

15. Define Retail trade. Mention its features. 3

16. Explain the role of small scale industries in rural areas. 3

17. “Insurance involves sharing of risks.” Comment. 3

18. Explain briefly any 3 characteristics of multiple shops. 3

19. A company wants to show a higher profit and for this :
(a) Depreciation was charged at lower rates.
(b) Goodwill, Patents Trademarks and other intangible assets are shown at higher value. Explain the value affected here. (Value based Question)  3

20. Discuss the various characteristics of ‘debentures’. 4

21. State the procedure for getting a partnership firm registered. 4

22. Discuss the four major functions performed by business enterprises. 4

23. Discuss the forces which are responsible for increasing concern of business enterprises towards social responsibility. 5

24. What do you mean by ‘online transactions’ ? Discuss the process of online shopping from the buyer’s point of view. 5

25. Give the meaning of wholesale trade. State its distinctive features. 5

26. Discuss the important documents used in import transactions. 5

27. There are various types of co-operative societies, which vary in their nature of activities. Discuss any three such co-operative societies. 6
Discuss the various factors, which should be kept in mind while choosing an appropriate form of organisation.

28. Discuss the rationale for giving dominant role to public sector. 6
What do you mean by government company ? Discuss its various features, merits and limita¬tions?

29. Discuss the legal position of promoters with respect to company promoted by them. 6
Discuss the various steps involved in the incorporation of the company.

30. Discuss the types of services offered by ‘Factoring’ ? Discuss its two merits and one limitation. 6
Explain ‘Global Depository Receipts’ and ‘American Depository Receipts’ as sources of international finance.

Sample Question Paper Solutions

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