CBSE Sample Question Papers for Class 11 Economics Set A with Answers are now available for download in PDF format. CBSE Sample Paper is provided below with answers as per the guidelines of CBSE board marking scheme.

Central Board of Secondary Education Board Exam Sample Question Paper for Class 11 is given here. CBSE Class 11 Economics Sample Paper gives an idea of question paper pattern and marking scheme.

CBSE Sample for Class 11 Economics (Solved) – Set A

Economics Question Paper will include a section on Open Case Studies based-questions on two case studies, each from Part A and Part B of 5 marks, a total of 10 marks. These case studies will be supplied to students in advance. These case studies are designed to test the analytical and higher order thinking skills of the student. All the questions in the paper are compulsory. Please note that the paper given here is only a sample. Set A of Solved CBSE Sample Paper for Class 11 Economics is given below with its solutions.

Sample Question Paper

1. The algebraic sum of deviation of a set of n values from arithmetic mean is :

(a) O
(b) 1
(c) N
(d) 0 & l.

2. What is the range of simple correlation of coefficient?

(a) Minus infinity to infinity
(b) 0 to infinity
(c) Minus one to plus one
(d) None of these.

3. If the sum of 10 values is 100 and the sum of their squares is 1090, then what will be the coefficient of variation. [HOTS]

(a) 30 %
(b) 32 %
(c) 33 %
(d) 39 %.

4. Which of the following components are the part of Ayush ? Give the answer from the codes given below. (HOTS)

(i) Ayurveda
(ii) Yoga
(iii) Unani
(vi) Homeopathy


(a) i, ii, and iii
(b) All of these
(c) ii, iii, and vi
(d) None of these.

5. What is the main objective in relation to electricity under 11th five year plan?

(a) To provide electricity to all the village by 2012
(b) To provide electricity to all the village by 2010
(c) To provide basic infrastructure to all the villages
(d) None of these.

6. List the major characteristics of an ideal measure dispersion.

7. Identify the values involved and importance of poverty alleviation programmes by the Indian Government. [ValueBased]

8. Five students have been assigned ranks on the basis of their ability:

Students A B C D E
Ranks in Maths 1 2 3 4 5
Ranks in Economics 4 2 1 3 5

Calculate the rank correlation coefficient.

9. What is Bhoodan movement and what are its objectives?

10. What is the present system of the formulation of the plan?

11. Agriculture sector appears to be adversely affected by the reform process. Why?

12. Account for the current environment crisis.

13. How do both education and health lead a nation towards higher economic growth? [HOTS]

14. Why was public sector given a leading role in industrial development during the planning period?

15. Why, despite the implementation of the green revolution, 65% of our population continued to be engaged in the agricultural sector till 1990?

16. Compare and contrast India and China’s sectoral contribution towards GDP in 2008. What does it indicate? [HOTS]

17. What objectives did the British intend to achieve through policies of infrastructural development in India?

18. What do you mean by rural development? Bring out the key issues in rural development?

19. Explain the role of non-farm employment in promoting rural diversification?

20. What do you mean by dispersion ? Describe the various methods of computing dispersion.

21. Calculate mode of the following series:

Marks 0-10 0-20 0–30 0-40 0-50 0-60 0-70 0-80 0-90
No. of Students 4 6 24 46 67 86 96 99 100

22. India has certain advantages which makes it a favourite outsourcing destination. What are these advantages?

23. Discuss the credibility & the need for creating a poverty line. Justify the values involved. [Value Based]

24. Evaluate the various factors that led to the rapid growth of economic development in China. [HOTS]

25. Distinguish between census and sampling method of data collection.

Sample Question Paper Solutions

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