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AP Intermediate 2nd Year Syllabus Sanskrit

A. POETRY (5 Lessons) 1. Descriptive Poetry – Maharshi Dawtayam- Kumarasambhavam- Kalidasa-6 Sarga- 19 Shlokas. 2. Epic Literature - Dhowmyopadesha- Bharatam- ...

AP Intermediate 1st Year Syllabus Arabic

I. First Book: “AL-LU-LU-UL MANSOOR LITASHEEL-IL-LUGHATIL-ARABYYAM” Translation and Grammar : 1. The topics mentioned under the grammar section be continued ...

AP Intermediate 2nd Year Syllabus History

UNIT-I Geographical Discoveries Factors leading to the Geographical Discoveries – Explorations of Portuguese Navigators - Colombus Discovers the New continent ...

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