The following schools have been established by Jamia Millia Islamia wherein education from Nursery to Class XII is imparted:

  1. Mushir Fatma Nursery School KG-I, KG-II
  2. Jamia Middle School Class I to VIII
  3. Jamia Senior Secondary School Class IX to XII
  4. Syed Abid Husain Sr. Secondary School (S/F) Class Prep. to XII
  5. Jamia Girls Senior Secondary School (Urdu Medium) Class IX to XII
  6. Balak Mata Centres Nursery, Class I-V and other Craft Courses.

After the enactment of Jamia Millia Islamia Act in 1988, the Board of Management looks after the functioning of all the schools of Jamia and according to it, all the schools are operating as independent entities units


Requirements of Marks for Admissions

For admission to class IX and XI, it is essential to submit the proof of passing VIII and X Classes respectively, with the following percentages:

For Class IX

  • Aggregate – 41% or grade-C1
  • English – 41% or grade – C2

For XI Arts

  • Aggregate % of marks/ grade:- 41% or grade-C2 (not less than 33% in any subject)
  • English – 41% or grade C2

Those candidates who opt for Arabic/Persian/Islamic Studies as an optional subject will get 5% relaxation in the aggregate of qualifying marks for admission.

For XI Commerce

  • Aggregate % of marks/ grade:– 41% or grade-C2 (not less than 33% in any subject)
  • English – 41% or grade C2

For XI Science

  • Aggregate % of marks/ grade:- 41% or grade-C2 (not less than 33% in any subject)
  • English – 41% or grade C2


  • Those opting for Mathematics in Science/Commerce/Arts streams should have at least 41% marks or grade–C2 in Maths in the qualifying examination.
  • Equivalence of grade points and cumulative grade points average will be calculated as per C.B.S.E. norms.
  • Internal students will be admitted to class XI (Science) as per merit drawn among them on the basis of marks obtained in qualifying examination.

For admission to class VI and IX, the Birth certificate issued by the previous school and for class XI, the date of birth as mentioned in the certificate of class X issued by the Concerned Board of Examination will be validated.

FREESHIP/HALF FREESHIP: 20% students(Boys) and 25% students (Girl) of Jamia Sr. Sec. School who cannot bear their own expenses will be granted half freeship or full freeship. This freeship is for entire academic session. If his/her performance and behavior is not found satisfactory, the freeship may be cancelled.


  • There is no provision of freeship/Half freeship for the students of Syed Abid Husain Sr. Secondary School(S/F). However, two wards of the employees who are studying in the same school will be exempted from the tuition fee only.
  • Moreover, only three students of Syed Abid Husain Sr. Secondary School will be exempted from tuition fee. One student from class I to VIII, one student from class IX & X, one student from class XI & XII will be exempted from the tuition fee.

STUDENTS’ AID FUND: In Jamia Schools, an amount of Rs.100/shall be charged from the students at the time of admission. Out of this fund needy students of Jamia Schools shall be provided financial assistance based on requirement and extra ordinary performance of the students. A lump-sum amount shall be granted to the short-listed students through Students’ Aid Fund Committee.


In Jamia Middle School education from Class I to VIII is imparted. The teachers, students and other staff of Jamia Middle School have together created a healthy educational atmosphere in which the physical as well as intellectual abilities of every student are enhanced in totality. Taking a look at the school and its hostel, it is justified to acknowledge that they provide not only a substitute for home but also go a step beyond. Here, the time of the students, in addition to academics, is also utilized in various kinds of pleasant and useful activities. The result of this is the development of various skills, abilities and understanding which are conducive to living in a free, civilized and democratic society.

The curriculum of Jamia Middle School is learner-centered. The daily activities and lessons are planned, keeping in mind the interests of the students. All efforts are made to ensure that practical work lead to the educational as well as physical training of the students. Systems, rules and regulations have been adopted to complete syllabus in an atmosphere created both inside and outside the classes so that the students on their own may make an effort to acquire imparted skills and knowledge, taking the guidance of the teachers.


Since 16th July 1975, education in Jamia Schools is being imparted according to 10+2 pattern. Two entirely different levels have been created in this scheme, one of which is upto Class X and the next one is upto Class XII and these two levels together are considered school education.

The Education Commission has strongly recommended that the prescribed general education syllabus should be followed up to class X without any optional subjects so that it may lead to the multi-faceted growth of the student. The view of the Commission is that by the time they come to the end of class X of school education, the interest and abilities of the students may be judged. On the basis of this view, the Commission has recommended the teaching of optional subjects for Class XI and XII. The school shares a common syllabus and offers bilingual instruction. The quality of teaching is kept reasonably high by an appropriate teacher-pupil ratio. From the academic year 2013-14, students are assessed under the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) scheme.


Syed Abid Husain Senior Secondary School, earlier known as Jamia Senior Secondary School (Self-financing) was started in 1991 under the Self-financing Scheme in which education from Prep. to Class XII (Arts, Science, and Commerce streams) is being imparted. Here the medium of instruction and examination is English.


Jamia Girls Senior Secondary School came into existence in the year 2008. The basic objective for establishing this Girls School was to attend to the educational needs of the underprivileged girl child in order to overcome gender divide and produce mature individuals with scientific temper and necessary skills to deal with the challenges of a modern and competitive world. It is an exclusively girls school from IX to XII offering Science & Humanities streams at Senior Secondary level. This school runs in the evening shift.

School Admissions

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