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iiO Syllabus and Sample Papers for Class 12

The detailed Syllabus and Sample Test Paper of Silverzone International Informatics Olympiad (iiO) for Class 12 is given below.


Class 12P (Python)

Python Basics; History of computers, Object-oriented design, programming languages, Web, Interpretation vs. compiling, Primitive types, casting, Syntax and semantics, variables, classes and objects, inheritance sets, tuples, expressions, assignments, selections, loops, functions, Lists, Linear search, binary search, Recursion, Time complexity, Algorithm, Divide-and-conquer, backtracking, greedy algorithm, dynamic programming, Linked list, set, map, queues, sorting algorithms, hashing, AVL tree

Class 12S (Computer Science C++)

Structures; Objects & Classes; Constructors and destructors; Function Overloading: Inheritance: Extending Classes; Basics of Data Structure; File Organization; File Handling in C++; Database Concepts; Structure Query language; Local Area Network; Internet Related Terminology

Please Refer Readings for 125 : Computer Science (C++): Sunlit Arora – Dhanpat Rai & Sons; Yashwant Kanetkar – BPB Publications;

Class 12M (Multimedia & Web Technology)

Database Terminology; Evolution of Networking: ARPANET, Internet, Interspace; Network devices; Multimedia Application; Web Development; ASP; Movie File Formats; Macromedia Flash

Please Refer Readings for 12M : Mastering HTML 4 Premium Edition Ray (BPB), ASP, ADO and XML Complete – Sybex (BPB), Multimedia Magic – Gokul, S (DPI)), Learn Advanced HTML with DHTML – Ramalho (BPB), Effective Web Design – Navarro (BPB), Practical ASP – Bayross (BPB),Inside Flash 5 — Ken thing (BPB)

Class 12J (Informatics Practices -JAVA)

As prescribed by CBSE/ICSE Syllabus Networking and Open Standards: Computer Networking, Open Source Concepts; Programing Fundamentals: Access specifier for classes, Members and methods, Concept of package; Inheritance: Need and implementation, Method Overloading and Overriding, Abstract Class and Interfaces, use of interfaces; Commonly used libraries; Relational Database Management System: SQL Queries; IT Applications : e- governance, e-Business and e-Learning

Please refer suggested reading for 11J/121: Introduction to Computer System: V. Rajaraman, Introduction to Programming: Herbert Schildt , Java : the complete reference; Relational Database Management Systerraerry Ulman, MYSQL Database; Computer Networking; William Stallings, Computer Networking.

Sample Paper 2018 – Level 1

Level 1 Paper contains 85 questions in all comprising the following 6 Sections:

Section-A Fundamental of Computer Science 15 Questions 2.5 Marks each
Section-B Computer Science (C++) 15 Questions 2.5 Marks each
Section-C Informatics Practices (Java) 15 Questions 2.5 Marks each
Section-D Python 15 Questions 2.5 Marks each
Section-E Multimedia & Web Technology 15 Questions 2.5 Marks each
Section-F Mental Abality 10 Questions 2.5 Marks each

Section A and F are compulsery for all students. Opt any one from Section B, C, D & Section E

Sample Paper 2018 is given below.