Common Mistakes Students Should Avoid To Score High in Board Exams

Here are some mistakes you can avoid to save yourself from marks deduction.

The most common of all is NOT Reading the Question Paper. So tip number 1 would be to read the complete question papers very carefully.

Second most common mistake is not realizing the weightage of a question. You need to devote sufficient time and effort to attempt each type of question, so that the maximum mark can be gained.

Now the next thing is that we generally do wrong is to use the last page of the sheet for rough work and calculations, and while turning the page again and again and again we might copy a wrong value or even just a digit and end up getting the wrong answer. Now imagine solving a number of calculations and then getting no marks for it because the final answer was wrong. that hurts.. so the next tip is to draw a margin on the right side of your sheet and use it for rough work.

while solving the numerical, in a rush to move on to the next question we miss some steps or the other to finish the question asap but we advise you not to do so as it will not only risk you to lose marks and steps but you can miss some value or calculation and end up getting a wrong answer.

Another thing we need to take care while solving the numerals is to note down all the given values very carefully.we copy wrong values, start calculating with that only and eventually calculate a wrong answer.Guys, Write all the given values on your sheet first and Tally each and every digit before you start solving the question.

the next thing is students draw the diagrams with a pen. guys, no matter how much you have practiced the diagrams there are fair chances that you might make mistakes while drawing so always.. always us an HB pencil to draw your diagrams.

Some of us use red or a green pen to highlight and mark the keywords but we suggest not to do so. of course there is no hard and fast rule that we can’t use green or red pens in the sheet but it is always advised to use only either black or blue pen in your answer sheets.

next tip is that you should divide your time in such a way that you get at least last 10min to revise and proofread your answer sheet so you don’t miss any answer or any diagram or anything.

At times the sequence of the questions is not followed and we answer a couple of questions of a section and switch to another then back to first and so on. Now the risk here is not only that the examiner can get annoyed but you can also tend to miss some questions. So answer all the questions of a section in one go. So the next tip is to maintain the sequence.

We also tend to take this exam timing very lightly but the fact is that if you reach late at the examination center you will not only be restricted from making entry to the hall you might forget something stationary essentials that you might need in the examination hall. so the next tip is to reach the center of examination at least 15min before the commencement of exam to avoid any kind of rush

Now suppose you friend leaves the exam hall earlier than you or he is taking more B sheets than you..what would you do??? Everybody has its own writing styles and speed and don’t worry about b sheets or leaving the hall. just STAY FOCUSED.

Another mistake that we generally do is that we leave the easy questions for the last but rather we should do the easy questions first because by the end of the exam there might be some question that we couldn’t attempt properly, and sitting for such a long time continuously makes us tensed and stressed.

Once you are done, if you have used any b-sheet or graphics make sure you are tying your sheets properly and tightly. Don’t forget to tie at least two knots to keep your sheets in place.


To make your sheet look more appealing, here are some tips

– You should highlight and underline the main keywords and points of the answer because as per marking scheme if an answer contains the important keywords of an answer he/she will be awarded marks irrespective of sentences.
– Make sure you draw margin of roughly one inch on both sides of the sheet.
– Leave 2-3lines after each answer to make it look presentable.
– Try to answer the question in bullets
– Draw a line preferably with a pencil after each answer.
– Try to do longs answers questions on separate pages.

More Tips:

– carry your own stationary essentials with your to avoid wasting time in borrowing things.
– carry a watch with you to keep a check on time.
– keep a water bottle with you to stay hydrated.
– eat before you leave for the exam as there’s a saying you cannot work empty stomach
– sleep on time and have at least 7-8hrs of sleep before the exam to stay fresh.
– No matter which pen you use, make sure you choose one you are comfortable writing with, you are able to write fast and a pen that does not smudge and is waterproof.