Central Board of Secondary Education Question Paper for English subject are given below.

Examination: Summative Assessment I (SA1)
Class: IX
Subject: English

CBSE 2016 – 2017 Class 09 SA1 Question Paper – English

Paper 1

Paper 2

CBSE 2015 – 2016 Class 09 SA1 Question Paper – English

Paper 1

Paper 2

CBSE 2014 – 2015 Class 09 SA1 Question Paper – English

CBSE 2013 – 2014 Class 09 SA1 Question Paper – English

InstructionsThe Question piper ix divided into four Sections:

  • Section A : Reading 20 Marks
  • Section B: Writing & Grammar 25 Marks
  • Section C: Literature Text books & Long Reading Text 25 Marks
  • Section D: Listening and speaking 20 Marks

SECTION-A [Reading] M.M. 20


1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: 1×5=5

  • Being a vegetarian can be a boon if one is eating right and a bane if one is not taking care of what one cats! There are vegetarians all over the world, but there is a remarkable difference between vegetarians in India and vegetarians overseas.
  • People abroad mostly become vegetarians for philosophical and health reasons and therefore, are careful that their diet is nutritionally adequate and healthful. Indians, being culturally vegetarians since generations, do not pay attentions to their diet. Which is why, despite being vegetarian, we suffer from disorders which are associated with noon-vegetarian diet.
  • An unbalanced non-veg diet is associated with heart disease, cholesterol problems, high blood pressure, cancer and obesity. A vegetarian diet is supposed to counter these maladies. But the paradox is that an unbalanced pure vegetarian diet can /cad to exactly the same disorders!

(i) What can being a vegetarian turn to be ?
(a) bone    (b)boon    (c) bane    (d) has

(ii) People can become vegetarians due to ?
(a) philosophical reasons (b)health reasons (c) cultural reasons  (d) all three

(iii) Being vegetarians means
(a) we are healthy (b) we get enough nutrition (c) We still suffer from health problems (d) We are boring

(iv) Unbalanced pure vegetarian diet leads to-
(a)     All the problems that non-veg diet causes (b) ill health (c) obesity (d) all the three

(v) which word in the passage means a person, situation or a statement having two opposite features.
(a) paradox (b) counter (C) maladies (d) bane

2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow by selecting the most appropriate option: 1×5=5

1. The Great Wall of China is said to be one structure built by man on earth which would be visible to observers on the moon. It covers a distance a distance of 1,500 miles as the crow flies. From the Liaoting peninsula westward to last fortress in Central Asia. It crosses the northern province of China.

2. In the eastern section its height varies from 15-30 feet, and its width from about 25 feet at the bottom to 15 feet at the top, where there is a pathway wide enough for six horse-men to ride side by side protected by parapets. When the wall was first built it had about 25,000 towers each 40 feet square and 40 feet high projection from it every few hundred yards with holes from which the defenders could shoot at attackers.

There are also many watch-towers on the enemy side, outside the wall on hilltops or passes. These and the towers of the wall were used for signaling with smoke or flags by day and with fire by night.

3.The Great Emperor Shih Haung Ti joined three earlier frontier walls to form a great wall to act as boundary between China and the north keep out the Nomads.

The Great wall of China is

(a) one structure
(b) Visible to observers on the moon
(c) one structure made by man
(d) b and c

(ii) It covers a distance of

(a) 1500 miles as the crow flies
(b) 1500 miles in a straight line
(c) (a) and (b)
(d) 1500 miles zigzag

(iii) its height is

(a)     15 feet
(b)     30 feet
(c)     15-30 feet
(d)     Of no consequence

(iv) It acts as boundary wall between

(a)     China and Mongolia
(b)     China and North
(c)     China and Nomads of Mongolia
(d)     All three

(v) Which word in the passage means “a low wall along the edge of a bridge”?

3. Read the following Passage carefully:                    [1×5=5]


Oliver Twist was born in a workhouse of a parish in England. Soon after he was brought into the world, the director who was attending his young and sick mother was rather doubtful whether the baby would survive at all or not. However after a few gasps for breath and due to the constant efforts of old nurse, he breathed and sneezed and soon started crying proving to the world that he had, after all, managed to survive.

The mother of the new-born baby died soon after

“where did the poor woman come from?” the doctor wanted to know.

“Nobody knows where she came from doctor,” replied the old nurse. “She was brought here last night by someone who had found her lying in the street. She must have walked quite a distance, for her shoes were tom.”

“I think she was not married.” Sighed the doctor, “for there is no wedding ring on her finger.” Then turning to the nurse he added. “You can always give me a call if the child cries. Nurse, for I think this will be a troublesome child.”

Saying so, he went away, while the old nurse sat near the fire, looking after the little baby, wrapped in a blanket.

Answer the following very short answer questions:

(i)          Where was Oliver born?
(ii)        How did Oliver announce to the world that he had managed to survive?
(iii)       What happened to his mother?
(iv)        Why did the doctor ask the nurse to call him?
(v)          Give the adjective form of ‘distance’.

4. Read the following passage carefully:           [1×5=5]


I am smile look at me in your distress.
Remember me in loneliness or sorrow.
You can spot me If you care to look.
Sitting upon a tree-a bare tree in autumn-with one green leaf­-that is me.
I am there-always in some comer look for me you’ll find it worth your while I am smile.

Answer the following very short answer question :

(i) What is the smile asking you to do ?
(ii) Where should you remember it ?
(iii) Where can one spot it ?
(iv) How will it affect the one who finds it ?
(vi)        Give the opposite of ‘sorrow’.

SECTION-8 [Writing & Grammar] M.M. 25

5. Your school recently organized a blood donation camp. You were one of the volunteers at the camp. Write an email to your friend describing your experience (120 words [6]

  • date of camp, organized by Interact Club
  • volunteers made posters to spread awareness
  • special talk during assembly by doctor
  • chief guest – renowned cardiologist Dr. Trehan
  • student donors 17 years and above, parents, old students
  • mouth-watering refreshments, camp a success,

6. You have to speak in your assembly on the utility of computers in children’s education. Write your speech in about 150 words with the help of the points given below: (5)

education becoming more and more computer-based oceans of information on the internet online teaching / learning materials as well as admissions and examinations computers must for all occupations and professions virtual classroom ideal for research and projects in all subjects distance learning/ education

You can take clues from the M.C.B. sub unit —“Children and Computer”

7. As a part of the social service group of your school, you visited the blind school at Patparganj. Write a short report based on your experience, for your school magazine. You can take help of the clues given below :      4

*Date time and mode of departure *No. of students, teachers and time of arrival. *The scene at the  Blind School * Interaction and variety programme presented for them * Their reaction, Problem and bravery of the blind children in fighting. problems * Significance of the visit.

8. Complete the following passage by choosing the most appropriate option from the ones given below.

Write the answer in your answer sheet.    [1/2×6=3]

Like many Indian children, I grew up (a)_______________,    the vast, varied and  fascinating tales of Mahabharata. Set (b)_____________      the end of what the Hindus scriptures term Dwapur Yuga or the third age of the man, a time (c) _____________ the lives of the Gods and people still intersected, the epic weaves myth, history, religion, science and statecraft (d) ____________stories that (e) _________________ and (f)___________________

(a) (i) saying     (ii) listening to (iii) questioning (iv) celebrating
(b) (i) by   (ii) at (iii) from  (iv) into
(c) (i) where      (ii) from (iii)when   (iv) before
(d) (i) as   (ii) in (iii)through      (iv) into
(e) (i) bore (ii) entertain (iii)depress      (iv) drag
(f) (i) educate   (ii) dump (iii) defy (iv) wary

9. The following passage has not been edited. There is ONE error in each line. Write the incorrect word and the correction in your answer sheets [1/2×8=4]

Error       Correction

The pollution of our environment    (a)_______  ________________
Can come on many different forms.   (b)_______  ___________________
Some of it was invisible but it     (c)_______  ___________________
Has happening all around us.        (d)______   ___________________
The main cause for air pollution    (e)________ ______________
Is a burning of fossil fuels        (f)________ ______________
Like coal or oil. Two of the        (g)________ ______________
Unseen air pollutants is sulphur    (h)________ ______________
Dioxide and carbon monoxide

10. Rearrange the following words to make meaningful sentence: [1×3=3]

  • (a) a familiar / is / the typewriter / machine
  • (b) letter of figure / it prints / sheet of / on a / paper
  • (c) consists of / a moveable / roller / a metal frame / it / and

Section-C [Literature] M.M. 25

(Text books and Long reading Text)

11. Read the extract and answer the questions that follow:  [1×3=3]

‘O listen! For the vale profound

Is overflowing with the sound.’

  • (a)     Name the poem and the poet
  • (b)     The phrase ‘…vale profound’ in the above context means?
  • (c)     Whom is the poet addressing in the above lines?

12. Answer the following question in about 30-40 words each:      2×4=8

  • (a) What efforts were made by Duke to bring his master Charles back to feet once again? Give at least two instances.
  • (b) Robert Frost did not feel dejected and disappointed on choosing the second road’. Justify the statement with suitable examples from the poem ‘The Road not Taken.’
  • (c) What made Me grandmother touch the feet of her granddaughter in the lesson ‘How I Taught My Grandmother to Read’ ?
  • (d) Why does the maid suggest to Julette to act in the movie ?

13. In the world of chine where all values seem to be lost, where all is violence, treachery and terror, how do you feel when you read of the unconditional love and devotion of a dog named ‘Duke’ ? (100-120 words)      4


Juliette discovered the treachery played by Gaston only after a week. She decide to share her anguish and sorrow for having been cheated with her friend in the form of a letter. As Juliette, write the letter. [Value based question] (100-120 words)      4

14. Bring out the humour in how the doctor examines the writer and the prescription he writes for him.
(Based on ‘Three men in about’) [80-100 words]  5

15. Draw the character sketch of Harris. [80-100 words] 5

(Based on ‘Three men in about’)

SECTION—D [Listening and Speaking]  M M. 20

16. Listening and speaking Assessment/Evaluation tests will be conducted separately by Internal Examiners.

10 Marks each have been allotted for Listening and Speaking Assessment.

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