Quality is more Important than Quantity” a well know proverb is also applicable here. Practising hundred good quality and conceptual questions is more important then solving thousands of questions which are not selected carefully. Our purpose of solving questions is to improve our problem solving skills.

Initially start with standard methods of solving the problem but with time improve the methods by introducing some new methods or building your own shortcuts or tricks of solving the problem. While practicing the questions always try to solve the problem on your own without the external help. If you are not able to solve particular question don’t give up and see the solutions of seek help but keep trying. You can also keep the question for next day and try again then after studying the relevant theory or formulas again with attention to detailed points and keep the problem in back of your mind.

It has been observed that studying the theory again with a problem in mind is very effective and also improves the problem solving skills. Note that directly going to the solutions is not at all helpful for completing your dreams of cracking JEE Main exam. The key of solving a question is not to understand the solutions or method to solve the problem but to understand the problem and get the clues in the problem leading you to right explanation. In case you are not able to reach the result try to find out the causes and analyse the level of problem and practice more similar kind of questions till you master the tricks involved.

Try to build and strengthen concepts while solving problems by deeply analysing the questions and correlating the questions with real life scenario. Identify your week and strong areas subject or topic wise while practising questions. Practice more similar kind of problems daily.

Take test of JEE Main Level chapter wise or topic wise to improve the fundamentals. Through a structured test you can diagnose the topics, concepts, type of problem or chapters you need to practice more.

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