Questions of JEE Main exam are based on basic fundamentals and their applications. So its suggested to build very strong base by mastering the fundamentals of the subjects in the initial phase of JEE Main exam preparation. Attention and focus is required for mastering the fundamentals.

There is no requirement of referring many JEE Main preparation books. Discuss with your teachers, friends or parents about the books and stick to those books only till end.

In the starting the learning graph is slow that you cannot accomplish similar amount of learning each day even if you are giving equal time daily. So do not get discouraged even if the learning process is slow initially and keep trying.

It will be wrong we give more attention to particular subject as all subjects are equally important. More time should be devoted towards the topics and subjects in which you are weak. There should not be any reason to give more time to fields we are strong or we like and run away from the weaker sections. Shying away from such topics or subjects is not the answer but to study them and revise them regularly will solve the case.

In the main exam the qualification marks are subject wise also so we cannot take a risk of getting low marks in some particular subject and doing well in others.Hence make sure that you do not ignore any subject & allocate adequate time to each subject.

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