Revision – Revision – Revision. A very important element in the JEE Main exam success. There should be sound and well managed feasible time plan for your AIEEE preparation.Divide your entire time into a reasonable time chart with milestones in between & plan your studies accordingly.

Overestimating the time you have is not a good idea. Its advised to have free time in between the preparation time plan so that if any section or topic gets delayed or consume more time you don’t have to keep changing the plan.

Study the previous year questions papers and making proper marks distribution of each subject to know which topics are most important and which are least and give time accordingly.

Give more time and attention to important topics and try to finish them in early state of your JEE Main preparation and revise them twice or thrice before the exam.

The Time Distribution Plan should be revised periodically to find out the lapses and how to cover up.

In brief we believe that many students fail not because of the lack of ability or intelligence but because of the lack lack of desire, direction, proper planning & discipline and revision practice.

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