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Permanent effect (Hyper Conjugation)

  1. It is a permanent electron displacement effect.
  2. Hyper conjugation is also called as “No bond “Resonance
  • More alpha C – H bond, more will be the no bond resonating structure (Hyper conjugation)
  • More alpha (C – H) bond more will be the stability of free radical.
Properties of Free Radical:
  1. It is a neutral species.
  2. It has one unpaired electron that is why it is paramagnetic in nature.
        3. Its hybridization is sp2 and triangular planer shape.
Note: Unpaired electron is not counted while calculating the hybridization of Free Radical
(Unpaired electron stays perpendicular to the plane that is why not counted while calculating the hybridization of Free Radical)

Stability of Free Radical:
  • Its stability can be determined with the help of Hyper Conjugation as well as Resonance effect

Allylic Free Radical:

(Free Radical is on next carbon to doubly bonded carbon atoms)
Effect of Resonance > Hyper conjugation
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