12th Class

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Popular Academic Courses After 12th

Sports And Sports Management Course Details

Sports means to indulge in any kind of Physical activity or games played individually or in groups/teams for the purposes of enjoyment, learning skills and participating in competition. The course...

Popular Academic Courses After 12th

Tourism & Travels Course Details

Tourism & Travels studies the physical, economic, social and cultural aspects of tourism, tourist markets, and destinations. Italso studies the wider perspective of tourism as an interdisciplinary way drawing knowledge...

Popular Academic Courses After 12th

Rehabilitation Therapy Course Details

Rehabilitation Therapy is a method which enables a person to recover from functional limitations after an injury, an illness or addiction. Rehabilitation assists people to restore their mental, emotional, physical,...

Popular Academic Courses After 12th

Rehabilitation Psychology Course Details

Rehabilitation psychology course is related to psychological principles for healing of patients who have disability due to injury or illness. The focus of this course is to address behavioural and...

Popular Academic Courses After 12th

Public Relations Course Details

Public relations is related to corporate communication and image building. The field is involved in promoting the organization goals and sustain a good reputation in public through communication. It helps...

Popular Academic Courses After 12th

Law Course Details

Law is the study of rules, conduct or procedures for instituting and maintaining a disciplined society. This may be establishedby customs, agreements or authority and enforced through a set of...

Popular Academic Courses After 12th

Logistics & Supply Chain Management Course Details

Logistics & Supply Chain Management - Supply chain consists of various activities that take place between the production and distribution of materials. Logistics and supply chain management includes different sections...

Popular Academic Courses After 12th

Human resource management Course Details

Human resource management - Human resource management deals with the management of workforce in any organisation. It is responsible for the selection, training, assessment, and rewards of employees, along with...

Popular Academic Courses After 12th

Animation Course Details

Animation is an exciting medium consisting of images and objects embedded to appear as moving pictures. As per traditional animation, images are drawn or painted manually on transparent celluloid sheets...

Popular Academic Courses After 12th

Advertising Course Details

Advertising chiefly targets at creating demand, encourages marketing, and establishes a direct contact between manufacturers and consumers. The entire purpose of advertising is to apprise and influence public to purchase...

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