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  • Interaction between biotic and abiotic components is known as ”Ecosystem”.

AIPMT Question Bank: Biology - Ecosystem

Functions of Ecosystem

1. flow of energy

2. Bio-geo-chemical cycle of matter.

  •   Food chain.

1. grazing food chain

2. Detritas food chain

  •   Food web –

organisms have interrelationships for food in form of comput net work, termed as food web.

  •   Ecological pyramids –

1. Numerical pyramids

2. Bio-mass pyramid

3. Energy pyramid

  •  Flow of energy is unidirectional in ecosystem
  • During specific time period free organisms, species, population or ecosystem forms mass of organic substances or production of biomass is termed as productivity.

AIPMT Question Bank: Biology - Ecosystem

  • Biogeo chemical cycle

In cyclic path, from environment to organisms organisms to enviroment, constant & regular transport of organic substances.

There are two type of bio geo-chemical cycles

1. gaseous cycle 2. phosphorus cycle e.g. ovitrogen cycle e.g. phosphorus cycle oxygen cycle sulphar cycle

AIPMT Question Bank: Biology - Ecosystem

5. Orchid living on the tree is an example of …………..?

(A)Parasitic (B)Predetor

(C)Commensalism (D) Mutualism

6. Population of which of the following will be highest in the foodchain?

(A) Decomposer (B)Primary Producer

(C)Photosynthetic organism (D)Secondary consumers

7. Who is food componant of the grazing food chain?

(A)Consumer (C)Decomposer

(D)Photosynthetic living organism (D)Photosynthetic consumers

8. System resulting from interaction of all the known living factors and populaton of all the species of a unit area is…

(A)Ecology (B)Genetics

(C)Science of plants and animal (D)Ecosystem

9. In which of the following plants are included in any food chain?

(A)Primary Producer (C)primary comsumer

(B)Primary predator& producer (D) Primary decomposar

10. Which of the following is the correct statement for food chain?

(A) Every chain formed by nutritional relations , is used to understand energy flow.

(B) Enery componet of the food chain forms trophic level.

(C) Inter- relation amongest different food chain froms food web.

(D) All of the given

11. Which of the following uses maximum energy?

(A) Primary comsumer (B) Secondary consumer

(C) Decomposer (D) Primary Producers

12. Through, whoch of the following, enery enters in an ecosyslem?

(A) Herbivores (B) Producer

(C) Decomposer (D) Primary producers

13. Why is algae placed in first place of food chain ?

(A) Algae is first to synthesize food.

(B) Algae is first to consume food.

(C) Every living organisam can utilize food.

(D) None of the given.

14. In which of the following wheat eating pegions included ?

(A) Decomposer (B) Primary consumer.

(C) primary producers (D) secondary consumer.

15. which of the following is placed in upper most (highest) level of ecological pyramids.

(A) Herbivores (B) Carnivors

(C) Primary and Secondary Producers. (D) Primary and Secondary consumer.

16. As we proceed in food chain, bio-mass…..

(A) Remain Same (B) Decreases

(C) Increases (D) Initially same and later keep decreasing.

17. In ecosystem the source of energy is….

(A) ATP (B) Sun (C) The Green plant (D) Sugar.

18. Who is primary consumer of biotic community ?

(A) Herbivores/ Grazing animal (B) Omnivores

(C) Scavengers (D) Carnivores.

19. In which of the following weeds are placed ?

(A) Primary producers (B) Secondary consumer.

(C) Primary consumer. (D) Decomposer.

20. When does the energy flow start in an ecosystem ?

(A) When material cycle starts

(B) When sun rises

(C) When any living organisam gain food.

(D) When light energy is converted in chemical energy.

21. which of the following option is correct for storage place phosphorus and nitrogen respectively ?

(A) Consumer (B) Parental rock and environment

(C) Environment and producers (D) Environment and parental rock

22. An individual ”x” uses mashroom as food then in which trophic level mashroom and”x” are included?

Mashroom X Foodchain

(A) Secondary Primary -> Detritivorous food chain

(B) Primary Secondary -> Detritivorous food chain

(C) Primary Secondary -> Grazing food chain

(D) Secondary Primary -> Grazing food chain

23. Which of the following is trophic level of the orchid staying on mango tree ?

(A) First (B) Tertiary/ Third

(C) Second (D) Fourth

24. Which age group in pyramid indicate less reproductive potential ?

(A) Bell shaped

(C) Triangular

(B) Inverted Bell shaped

(D) All of them have equal( same) potential

25. It is correct for ecosystem…….

(A)( Plants, Animals, Microorganisms) + Abiotic environment

(B) Community formed by various species present in a particular region.

(C) Animal, plants and micro- organisms.

(D) Abiotic factors

26. What is the original source of energy for the living organisms ?

(A) Carbohydrate (B) Sun light

(C) ATP (D) Lipid

27. In which of the following curd eating people are included ?

(A) Producer (B) First[1st ]

(C) Tertory[3rd ] (D) Second[2nd ]

28. The functional efficiency of ecosystem is effected when decomposers are removed from it, because..

(A) Energy flow will stop

(B) Rest components decomposetion will become faster

(C) Herbivous will not get sun light

(D) Flow of nutrient will stop.

29. From which of the following detritus food chain will start ?

(A) Algae (B) Bacteria

(C) Protozoa (D) Virus

30. Which of the following is gaseous cycle ?

(1) Sulphur cycle (3) Phosphorous cycle

(2) Carbon cycle (4) Nitrogen cycle

(A) 1 (B)1,2 (C) 3, 4 (D) 1,3,4

31. At Each trophic level, in which form energy is lost ?

(A) Heat (B) Chemical

(C) Light (D) None

32. Which Source of eutrophication is the modern source of phosphorus ?

(A) Detergent (B) Fertilizer

(C) Faecal of animal (D) Rivers

33. It helps in absorbtion of phosphorous ?

(A) Leaves (B) Mycorriza

(C) Root (D) Stem

34. In a day, How many times an individual inspire and expire (breathing) ?

(A) 10,000 (B) 20,000

(C) 40,000 (D) 50,000

35. What percentage of total metabolic energy is produced through fermentation of lactic acid ?

(A) 80% (B) 70%

(C) 100% (D) 40%

36. Which adaptation is observe only in xerophytes ?

(A) CAM (C) Hatch-Slack

(B) TCA (D) C3 cycle

37. Which of the following opteon is correct for CO2 absorption in CAM ?

(A) During night (B) Only at midnight

(C) During day time (D) Morning

38. It- (I) Liver -> Liver lobule

(II) kidney -> Uriniferous tubule

(III) Ecolog:y -> X

than What does”x” represent ?

(A) Biotic community (B) Ecosystem

(C) Population (D) All of the given

39. What can be Explained through following chart ?

AIPMT Question Bank: Biology - Ecosystem

(i) Biological magnification concentration of DDT

(ii) Aquatic food web

(iii) Food chain

(iv) DDT is non degrable

(v) One aquatic ecosystem

(A) (i), (ii), (iii) (B) (i), (iii), (iv)

(C) (ii), (iii), (iv) (D) (iii), (iv), (v)

40. With reference to precess of decomposition arrange the following in proper sequence.

AIPMT Question Bank: Biology - Ecosystem

41. An element which is generally obtain from rocks. From the given information which is correct option for the same

AIPMT Question Bank: Biology - Ecosystem

(A) (1) dissolve in water,

(2) depositeda at the bottom of the sea

(3) used by forest

(4) eaten by fishes

(5) eaten by sea birds

(B) (1) dissolve in water,

(2) used by planktons

(3) Fishes

(4) Sea birds

(5) deposited at the bottom of the sea

(C) (1) Fishes

(2) Sea birds

(3) used by planktons

(4) Sea birds

(5) deposited at the bottom of the sea

(D) (1) Fishes

(2) used by planktons

(3) Fishes

(4) Sea birds

(5) None

42. Few statements are given below in reference with Thermodynamics, Which of the following option shows all correct statements for it ?

(I) Amount of energy is constant.

(II) During transfer of energy some amount of energy is converted in to heat.

(III) Free energy = energy which can do work.

(IV) At each tophic level amount of stored energy reduces.

(A) (I) and(II)

(B) (III) and (iv)

(C) (i) and (iv)

(D) All of the given

43. Food chain always start with producer, which of the following is an exceptional to the given statement.

(A) Rat (C) Fox

(B) Lion (D) Earth – worm

44. X is released in Halophytes and Y is source of it, , Z process occurs in- estuary, then What does x,y,z indicate?

(A) X- Potassium Y – rocks

Z- Biological magnification

(B) X – DDT Y – Water

Y- Biological magnification

(C) X -Phosphorus Y – Sewage water

Z- Eutophication

(D) None of this.

45. If energy produced by producer is 1000 units, than What amount of energy will be found in highest level of consumer ?

(A) 100 (B) 10

(C) 1 (D)1000

AIPMT Question Bank: Biology - Ecosystem

What does given chart indicate ?

(A) Structure of ecosystem.

(B) Type of ecosystem

(C) First and second law of Thermodynamics

(D)- Bidirerectional flow of energy.

47. What is incorrect for oxygen ?

(A) Most of the metabolic energy is produced by it.

(B) Plants are included in the organisms producing it.

(C) It is essential for all the organisms.

(D) Its proportion in water is 90%.

48. X is source of y. but y never return to x, Than which option is wrong for x and y.

(A) X = plant, Y= organic compound (B) X= sun, Y=Energy

(C) a & b Both are correct. (D) A and B are Wrong.

49. What does pyramid of Bimass of an ecosystem indicate in….

(A) Number of species in each trophic level

(B) Number of organisms in each trophic level

(C) Organisation of tissue of each tophic level

(D) All of the given.

50. Which option is correct for the given information ?

(1) Ecosystem is an outcome of an interaction between all living components and non- living components of Environment.

(2) GPP= NPP- loss due to respiration

(3) Primary productivity is measured in dry biomass.



51 AIPMT Question Bank: Biology - Ecosystem

52. What is responsible for change in the size of population of any particular area ?

(A) Availability of food. (C) Pressure

(B) Predation (D) All three

53. In one forest maximum 500 lions can be allowed with than what does 500 indicate ?

(A) Maximum birth rate (B) Population of lion

(C) Carrying Capacity of Population (D) Realed birth rate

54. At which vital index population is stable ?

(A) 1 (B) 0

(C) Infinitive (D) 100

55. In any of the ecosystem man can be….

(A) Primary Consumer (C) Secndary Consumer

(B) Producer (D) a & c

56. If earth is considered a unit region then biosphere can be compared to….

(A) Eco-System (C) Population

(B) Biotic Community (D) Species

57. If earth is considered a unit region then it can be compared to….

(A) Eco-System (B) Population

(C) Biotic Community (D) Species

58. Who accepts the nutrient released in environment by docomposer ?

(A) Consumers (B) Producers

(C) Secondary Consumers (D) None of the given

59. If herbivores are “5” in number in the given food chain then, what will be the total number of trophic layers in the it ?

(A) 7 (B) 8

(C) 5 (D) can not be predicted

60. which organism provided useable phosphate from dead organisms?

(A) Fungi, Bacteria (B) Fungi , Algae

(C) Bacteria, Algae (D) Bacteria, Fungi

61. How many times do we breathe per day ?

(A) 20,000 (B) 40,000

(C) 20,000 (D) None of theme

62. Which Pyramid is not correct…..

AIPMT Question Bank: Biology - Ecosystem

63. It is first stem of the decomposition of organic compound.

(A) Fragmentation – In body of Scavengers

(B) Catabolism – In body of decomposer

(C) Leaching – In soil

(D) Catabolism – In soil

64. Autotrophs use [X] and Produces [Y], which is store as [Z], which of the given option is correct for X, Y, and Z ?


(A) Sunlight Nutrient Chemical

(B) Energy Chemical energy Sunlight

(C) Grass (Herb) Energy Starch

(D) Sunlight Glycogen ATP

65. What is an Original Source of energy flow in any food chian ?

(A) Sun (B) Produces

(C) Primary (D) None

66. Immature fall of floral bud and fruits are observed in a farm, and on leaves Red and purple pigments spots are observed, In which of following place is Such Symptoms will not be observed in plants

(A) Sea shore (B) Bank of river

(C) Foot hills of mountain (D) Red Soil

67. who is responsible for the process like, Phosphate Containing Organic compound Phosphate

(A) Certain fungi (B) Certain algae

(C) Certain Specific bacteria (D) All three

68. which of the following eco-system has highest annual primary productivity ?

(A) Tropical deciduou forest

(B) Tropical Rain forest

(C) Temperate deciduou forest

(D) Temperate Ever green forest.

69. Which of the following is not a functional unit of ecosystem ?

(A) Stratification (B) Flow of energy

(C) Decompos (D) productivity.

70. Which of the following associations do not establish functional interspeciific association ?

(A) Mutualism (B) Exosparasite

(C) Endoparasite (D) Commensalism

71. Which statement is correct ?

(A) Plant uses CO2 during respiration.

(B) Biomass of the plant is available to only herbivores.

(C) In all CO2 acceptor plants, organic compounds are produce throudh photosynthesis.

(D) All three.

72. It is the type of photosynthesis occurs in most of the plants ?

(A) C4 – Cycle (B) C3 – Cycle

(C) CAM – Cycle (D) C2 -Cycle

73. In which of the following alimentory canal, ” starch  glucosen” is prodused ?

(A) Producer (B) Ist trophic layer

(C) IInd trophic layer (D) All of types

74. Which is the correct options ?

Interspecific association Examples

(i) Reproductive (x) Producer -> Herbivorers ->Carnivores.

(ii) Productive (y) Animals and dispersion of fruit seed.

(iii) Nutritional (z) Mimicry

(A) (i): Z (B) (i): Z (C) (i): Y (D) (i):Y

(ii):X (ii): Y (ii): Z (ii): X

(iii): Y (iii): X (iii): X (iii) : Z

75. In an ecosystem, Which of the following is unidirectional ?

(A)Sulphar (B) Organic nutrient

(C) carbon (D) Free energy

76. Who is first to receive Phosphate released through leaching in phosphate cycle ?

(A) Decomposer (B) producer

(C) Consumer (D) None of the given

77. Which of the following is not a pair of Gaseous cycle ?

(A) P&N (B) N & S

(C) N & S (D) C & P

78. What is indicated by Pyramid of number ?

(A) Number of individuals at every trophic layer.

(B) Species belonging to a particular region.

(C) Number of member of biotic- community

(D) None of the given.

79. Which of the following has maximun importance (value) in grass- land.

(A) Secondary Production (B) Net Production

(C) Tetiacry Prroduction (D) Total Production.

80. Grass -> cow -> lion. If productivity of grass is 5000 kg/ Meter/ year. Then What will be the productivity of lion ? (In general)

(A) 500 (B) >50

(C) 1000 kg /mter2 / year. (D) >100

81. Select correct statements

(i) If 90% of Carnivores are remooved form forest, then forest area increases.

(ii) Generally 3 to 4 trophic layer are present in food chain due to loss of energy.

(iii) Food chain always possesses 2 to 8 trophic layers.

(iv) On removing 80% of tigers, member of herbivores will increase.

(A) (ii), (iv) (C) (i), (iii) (B) (i), (ii) (D) (iii), (iv)

AIPMT Question Bank: Biology - Ecosystem

In the given chart from carnivores to producer energy level gradually.

(A) Decreases

(B) Increases

(C) Decreases & increases both are possible

(D) None

85. which of the given option is shows more stable ecosystem ?

AIPMT Question Bank: Biology - Ecosystem

86. which of the following is one of the causes of cancer ?

(A) Obesity

(B) Artheros cerosis

(C) Inadcquale of O2 supply

(D) Hypertension

87. which option is more suitable for x and y ?

X : Animal cells possesses mitochondria.

Y : IN animal cell energy is released when carbohydrates are completely broken .

(A) Both are correct

(B) Both are wrong

(C) If x is correct then only y is correct .

(D) X : correct Y : wrong

AIPMT Question Bank: Biology - Ecosystem

AIPMT Question Bank: Biology - Ecosystem

90. Which of the following stage is possible by the activity of Hetorotrophs ?

(A) Utility (B) Re-accommodation

(C) Decmposition (D) All the given

91. The herbaceohs plant has 100 gram whight then what would be the average bio-mass of the same ?

(A) 100 gram (B) 20-25 gram (C) 10-15 gram (D) 85-90 gram

92. In the given pyramid of energy which of the following can be placed in first trophic level ?

AIPMT Question Bank: Biology - Ecosystem

(A) Decomposer (B) plants (C) a & b Both (D) None

93. X is structaral unit of economy and y is structra unit of x then … what is the x and the y ?


(A) Biotic community – Biomass, Abiotic factor

(b) Ecosystem – Biomass,Biotic factor

(c) Biomass – Ecosystem

(d) Food web – Ecosystem

94. X is maintained by man, but it is harmful to y ,the x and y are (?)


(A) Natural eco-system – Man made ecosystem

(b) Man made ecosystem – Natural eco-system

(c) Any one from a & b

(d) Noun of these

95. X is included in environmental factors; y is included in ediphic ( soil related) then the x & y is….


(A) Air Water

(B) Water Air

(C) Soil Light

(D) Wind Air

96. In material cycle which of the following is last acceptor of material ?

(A) Producer (C) Decomposer

(B) Consumer (D) Is not possing

97. Which one is the maximum suitable to from top of the energy pyraimd ?

(A) Therdary consumer (B) Secondary consumer

(C) Producers (D) None of this

98. Which of the following option is correct for the column I and II ?

Column – I Column – II

(P) Grass (i) Decomposer

(Q) Herbivors (ii) Secondary carniveres

(R) Frog (iii) producer

(S) Hawk (iv) primary consumer

(v) primary carniveres

(A) (P-iii) (Q-i) (R-v) (S-iv) (B) (P-i) (Q-iii) (R-iv) (S-v)

(C) (P-iii) (Q-v) (R-iv) (S-ii) (D) (P-ii) (Q-iv) (R-v) (S-ii)

99. Which component are basic in maintaing body processes?

(A) Carbohydrate (B) Water

(C) Energy (D) All of this

100. What is mycorhizer ?

(A) Root + Fungi = Symbioti (B) Root+ bacteria = Symbiotic

(C) fungi +Root = Parasitism (D) Fungi +leaf = Parasitism

101. It is key- compound for all living organism ?

(A) Sulphar (B) Phosphures

(C) Nitrogen (D) Calcium

102. What is obtained by the activity of decomposer for the prodneers ?

(A) Nutrient (C) Food

(B) Carbohydrate (D) Energy

103. It 1 lac living organisms are included in third throphie lavel than what would be the number of producers ?

(A)10 lac (B)10 thousand

(C) 1 thousand (D) 1crore (millian)

104. In an ecosystem, when organisms can be included in more than one trophic lager ?

(A) Phytoplankton (B) Fish

(C) Zooplanktm (D) Frog

105. When organism of aquatic ecosystem is at equvalent trophee level in when cow is included ? (DUMET…2009)

(A) Zooplankton (B) Phytoplakton

(C) Nekton (D) Benthos

106. Which of the follows is an in complent Ecosystem ? (WBJEE 2008)

(A) Grass land (B) Cave (C) River (D) Wet land

107. What is correct for human ?

(A) Herbivore (B) Carnivore (C) Autotrophs (D) Omnivores

108. which type of food chain is represented by following example ?

Dead animal -> insect seavenger -> Frog -> Snake

(A) Grazzing food chain (B) Detritivorous food chain

(C) Decomposer food chain (D) Predators food chain.

109. which type of organisms , fungi & Bacteria of forest ecosystem generally called ?

(A) Prodlucers (B) Decomposers

(C) Primary consumer (D) Secondary consumers

110. what is correct for the artificial ecosystem ?

(A) Biodiversity is less

(B) Biodiversity is High

(C) Ecosystem is can not be form by human

(D) It is more stable than Netural ecosystem

AIPMT Question Bank: Biology - Ecosystem

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