CBSE Sample Papers

CBSE Solved Sample Papers for Class 7 for English

CBSE Solved Sample Papers for Class 7 for English Subject is given below. The solved sample papers are created as per the latest CBSE syllabus and curriculum keeping in mind the latest marking schemes.

SECTION. A (Reading)

Q 1. Read the passage carefully and answer the right alternatives form the options given below:

Androcles was ordered to fight a huge lion that had been kept hungry for two days. He ws sure the lion would tear him to pieces. So he was sad to the back bone. A large crowd of people had come to see the fight. The lion was let loose into the arena where Andrcles had been made to enter. The beast came roaring aloud out of his cage looking fiercely. As the lion neared the Androcles, people got excited to the nobody drama. Bur suddenly the lion stopped roaring and became calm instead of attacking Androcles he crouched at his face and began to lick his hands. Tears of joy welled up in Androcles eyes and hi embraced the lion. It was the same lion with whom Androcles had lived in the den for many days.


  • What was Androcles ordered today?

(a)    To fight a huge lion.
(b)   To fight with a bear.
(c)    To fight a huge hungry lion.
(d)   To fight with a tiger.

  • Who was Androcles?

(a)    Slave
(b)   A king
(c)    A minister
(d)   A lion

  • Who had come to see the fight?

(a)    The soldiers
(b)   A large crowd of people
(c)    The king and his men
(d)   None of these.

  • What was Androcles sure of?

(a)    The king would put him in parison.
(b)   The lion would embrace him.
(c)    That lion would not harm him.
(d)   The lion would not kill him.

  • How did the lion come towards the Androcles?

(a)    Roaring
(b)   Crying
(c)     Smiling
(d)    Limping

Answer :-  1.(c) , 2. (a) 3.(b) , 4. (d), 5. (a)

Q 2. Read the passage carefully and answer the right alternatives from the options given below:-

Once a greedy man had a goose that laid a golden egg every day. This made him very rich. His greed increased day by day. After some time, he said to himself, my goose days one egg in a days. That given me seven eggs in a week. That is a very slow process. I will kill it and get all the golden eggs at once. So he foolishly killed the goose. There was no gold in her body. All the geese are the same the greedy man wept and repented for his folly. He said, “oh! I have last fall by greediness”.


  • What did the goose lay daily?

(a)    Silver egg
(b)   Egg
(c)     Golden egg
(d)   Chicken

  • The man was very………..

(a)    Greedy
(b)   Selfish
(c)    Wise
(d)   Honest

  • How did the man become rich?

(a)    By earning more money
(b)   By selling the goose
(c)    By selling golden eggs
(d)   By killing the goose selling all the eggs.

  • Why did he kill the goose?

(a)    To take all of the golden eggs.
(b)   Because it was disturbing him.
(c)    To eats its flesh.
(d)   None of these.

  • Write sown the opposite of “foolishly”

(a)    Cheerfully
(b)   Wise
(c)    Wisely
(d)   Wise

Answer:-  1. (c), 2. (a), 3. (c), 4(a), 5(c)

Q 3.  Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that are under the paragraph.

Coconut is the most important nut in the world. Not only it is one of the biggest of all the nuts but almost all parts of tree are useful to the man. The coconut is an elegant palm-tree growing up to a hundred feet high. Its trunk is useful timber, the leaves are useful for thatching, sap which pours from the cuts made on the young flower spike can be turned into sugar and when fermented into vinegar or a strong alcoholic drink known as today. The flesh of the green coconut is used as a vegetable the milk inside the young nut as a fresh drink, ropes, malting and brooms are made from the outside layers which protect the nuts. And lastly mature nut flesh is dried to be the world important source of vegetable fats and oils. All this comes from a tree which will grow in pure sand.


  • Which is the most important nut in the world?

(a)    Walnut
(b)   Ground nut
(c)    Cashew nut
(d)   Coconut

  • The milk inside the coconut is used as……..

(a)    Medicine
(b)   Vine gar
(c)    Oil
(d)   Fresh drink

  • 3.       The coconut grows up to a height of…………

(a)    200 feet
(b)   100 feet
(c)    10 feet
(d)   50 feet




  • Which things are made from the outermost protective layer of the coconut.

(a)    Bags
(b)   Brooms
(c)    Ropes
(d)   All the above

  • Which word in the passage means liquid ‘like’ material

(a)    Ails
(b)   Fats
(c)    Sap
(d)   Today

  • Answers:-  1. (d), 2.(d), 3. (b), 4. (d), 5. (c)

SECTION. B (Writing)

Q 4. Write a letter to your father asking him for some money. You are Isha sood living in room no. 110 in Radison hotel Govt. school Anand Vihar.


Room no 110

Radison hotel

Govt. school Anand Vihar

Date 12.12.2013

My dear father,

We are all quite well her and hope same for all of you. You might have received my progress report from the principal. You will be glad to know that I assure you that I will maintain this position in the annual examination also. As you know that my annual dues for the month of October are due, please send me Rs. 2000/- by money order at the earlist.

Pay my regards to mother and love to younger brother and sister.

Yours affectionately

Isha sood.


Write a letter to your friend telling how you spent your holidays.



Preet vihar


My dear friend Natasha,

I am quite right here. Recently I got a chance to visit Shimla. It was really a nice trip. My trip was for four days. We stayed Park hotel. For a day we stayed at Kufri. Trekking was my 1st experience and was very enjoy able. I bought many beautiful things from there. Give my regards to all

Your loving friend


Q 5. Write a paragraph on any one of the following topics.

(1)    Independence day

India got freedom on 15th august 1947. It remained under British rule for centuries. 15th of august is a red letter day in the history of India. It is celebrated in every city, village and town of India. In Delhi it is celebrated at the red Fort. The prime Minister unfurls the national flag. He reminds us the great sacrifices made by the people of India to get freedom. Our school also celebrates the Independence day. The principal of our school hoists the National flag and makes us realize that we have some responsibilities  towards the Nation.

(2)    My ambition in life

Every person should have an ambition in life to become a humble servant of mankind but it is more necessary to fulfill it. I have an Ambition in life. I want to become a doctor. Thought my parents are poor they can afford the expenses but my uncle has promised me to spend money on me for this humble ambition. After the completion of my course, I would like to go to the villages to serve the villagers those are very poor. These are the right persons who should be served with medical facilities. I would go to such people to work among them. Money earning is not my aim. The day is not far away when I may realize my aims and ambition in my life.

SECTION. C (Grammar)

Q. 6 Choose the opposite of the following adjectives from the given alternatives using a suitable prefix.    1. Decent

(a) Indecent

(b) undecent

(c) Imdecent

(d) Decency

2. Healthy

(a) health

(b) wealthy

(c) unhealthy

(d) dishealth


1.(a) indecent.


Q. 7 Fill in the blanks with suitable modals:

  1. 1.  …………….. I go out, madam

(a) Can, (b) must, (c) will, (d) may

2. We …………………… run fast to catch the bus.

(a) should, (b) must, (c) will, (d) could.


  1. (d),
  2. (a)

Q. 8 (a) Combine the following sentences   by choosing the most appropriate conjunction from the given alternatives:

1. I am stronger ………………… he is

(a) than, (b) so, (c) and, (d) but.

2. it was rain ………………. I used  a rain coat.

(a)because, (b) while, (c) then, (d) so.


  1. (a) than
  2. (d) so

Q.8 (b) Arrange the jumbled words to make  paper sentence.

1. playing/they/he/are/ground/the/cricket.
2. have/a/kitten/pet/I.


  1. They are playing cricket in the ground.
  2. I have a pet kitten.

Q. 9. Change the following sentence into passive voice.

(1) she sings songs
(2) I will help you.
(3) my mother drives a car.


(1)    Songs are sung by her
(2)    You will be helped by me.
(3)    A car is driven by my mother.

Q. 10 Fill in the blanks with suitable form of verbs in the brackets:

1. did you ……….. this color? (choose)
2. He …………………. For a walk every day. (go)


  1. Choose
  2. Goes

SECTION. D (Literature)

Q. 11 Read the following passage carefully and answer the following questions?

The tone was not one of anger, or of sorrow not even of contempt, but there was in it something quiet that frog the blood. He put his hand down and pressed a finger on the place on the left boot, endeavoring to be fashionable, was not quite comfortable.

  1. Who is he?
  2. Why he put has down?
  3. What did he endeavor?
  4. Choose a word which means hate?


  1. He is Mr. Gesslers.
  2. He put his hand down and pressed a finger in the place of left boot.
  3. He Endeavour was to be fashionable
  4. Contempt.

Q. 12 Read the following extract carefully and tick the correct answer for the questions given below.

1. Name the poem from which these lines have been taken.

(a) the squirrel
(b) trees
(c) the shed
(d) dad and cat and the tree.

2. name the poet of the poem.

(a) D.J Enright
(b) kitu right
(c) maude rubin
(d) M.B Armstrong.

2. What was plan ‘b’?

(a) to use a ladder
(b) to climb on garden wall
(c) to swing up the branch of tree
(d) None of above

4. What happened in the end?

(a) he freed the cat
(b) he climbed up the tree
(c) he fell while climbing the tree
(d) the branch broke down


  1. (d)
  2. (b)
  3. (c)
  4. (d)

Q. 13 (1) Answer the following questions

1. Why does Mr. Wonka collect items from the oldest things? Do you think this is the right way to begin         his invention?

Answer:- Mr. Wonka collect things to grow old in his invention. That is why he collects items from the oldest living things. I think this is the right way to begin his invention. And it gave positive result to him.

2. What do you understand by the game’s (cricket) equipment?

Answer:- Cricket equipment means to the bat made of leather, twine and corp. the equipment like bat and ball are even today are handmade.

  • What are some of the things you should prevent a fire at home and in the school.

Answer:- We can prevent the fire at home if all the electrical appliances are earthed and insulated. There should always be a bucket of sand to put out small fires.  In schools, the training should be given  to the students how to put out the fire. The school should always be ready for use.

Q. 14 Answer the following questions. (do any three)

1. In what condition did author find the bicycle when he returned from the tool shed?

Answer:- After returning from the tool shed, the author found with the front wheel between  his begs. He was moving it between his fingers

2. Why was burning candle go out when you blow on it?

Answer:- When we blow on a burning candle, we remove the hot air around the flame. This causes fall in temperature below the flash point. So the candle goes out.

3. What do you think fan was demanding?

Answers:- The fan was demanding oil.

4. Why did dad climb the tree?

Answer:- A cat got struck in the tree, so the dad climbed on the tree to space it.

Q. 15 Answer the following question. (do any three)

1. What happens to the volunteer who swallows four drops of new invention?

Answer:- Those volunteers who swallowed four drops of new invention became old. They become wrinkling. They turned into follow of about 75 years and stared falling.

2. Descibe the cat and Dad situation in the beginning and the end of the poem?

Answer: – In the beginning the cat is stuck up to the tree, but the dad is proudly standing on the ground. While at the end of the poem, Dad is stuck up on the tree and the cat is smiling and smirking on the ground.

3. Why has cricket a large viewership in India, not in China or Russia?

Answer:- Mostly the countries who remain under British colonial rule, play cricket. India is one of the oldest cricket playing nations. It is the second largest populated country after china. Here people are crazy for cricket.

Q .16 Answer the following question. (Do five)

  • What shocked Grandfather in the end?

Answer:- Grandfather shocked to known the tiger whom he had been stroking was not timothy, who had died two months back. He was another tiger trapped in the hills. That tiger was very dangerous.

  • Abbu khan said, “no more goats in my house ever again”. Then he changed his mind. Why?

Answer: – Abbu khan thought that he could live without pets. That is why he changed his mind.

  • Why was everyone in the control room greatly exited?

Answer:- The people were very excited in the control room because they were watching on TV screen something which they guessed was a space craft from some other planet.

  • What made grandfather decide to transfer timothy to the Zoo?

Answer:- When timothy was 6 year old, he was less friendly. He would try to steal away a cat or a dog. He began to look at the cook with villainous intent. This is what grandfather decided to transfer timothy to the Zoo.

  • The door grew up but “he was a most amiable bear”. Give three examples to prove this.

Answer:- The bear is very amiable animal. He did not harm anybody, man or beast. He would look amiable at the cattle grazing in the field. He also enjoyed being. He also enjoyed being put into the stable. The children liked him very much and even role on his back.

  • How cricket bat is is different from hockey stick?

Answer: – Cricket is only game which can be played for five days. Even base ball completes nine innings in about a half day. Moreover unlike other team games the dimensions of the cricket ground are not satisfied.

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