Biology Question Bank for Entrance Exams

For AIPMT Main other Medical Entrance Exam Prepration, Question Bank for Biology Animal Husbandary and Plant Breeding is given below.
(1) The cow contain 250 kg weight produce how much protei=n per day.

(A) 250 gm (B) 250 kg (C) 200 gm (D) 200 kg

(2) Cattle keepers are in center position in dairy industry because……..

(A) They carries good varieties of cattles.

(B) They prepare different type of milk products.

(C) Their products are sold at national in dairy industry.

(D) They have brought white revolution in dairy industry.

(3) Who was pioneer of dairy industry in Gujarat ?

(A) Fahian (B) Haber (C) Varges kurian (D) Venus (whenson)

(4) Where Imperial Veterinary Research Institute is located ?

(A) New delhi (B) Izatnagar (C) Channai (D) Kolkata

(5) Who is known as the father of modern bee science ?

(A) Fahian (B) Kurian (C) Whenson (D) Huber

(6) Which is improper pair ?

(A) Breeding female honey bee – Worker (B) Non breeding female hoey bee – Worker

(C) Breeding male honey bee – Drone (D) Breeding female honey bee – Queen

(7) What is carried out in apiary (apiculture) ?

(A) Honey bee brings nectar

(B) Manufacture of colours, polish, cosmeties from wax

(C) The rearing of honey bee colonies

(D) All the above

(8) Edible marine fishes are

(A) Hilsa, Pomfret, Catla(B) Catla, Mackerel, Mrigal

(C) Sardin, Mackerel, Mrigal (D) Sardin, Pomfret, Mackerel

(9) Which type of hybridization is done for mule ?

(A) In breeding hybridization (B) Out breeding hybridization

(C) Inter specific hybridization (D) Intra specific hybridization

(10) Single cell protein is produced by

(A) Anaerobic respiration (fermentation) (B) Aerobic respiration

(C) Biofortication (D) Paturization

(11) Which sentence is not proper for the uses of single cell protein ?

(A) Use as human or animal protein supplement

(B) At’s utilization reduces enviornmental pollution

(C) Use as a production of human gene

(D) At has a high contens of protein, lipid, carbohycrate & vitamins

(12) Which microorganism produces same quantity of protein per day ?

(A) Spirokits helophylls

(B) Methenogens

(C) Methylophillus methylotrophs

(D) Thermo acidophylls

(13) Which is corrcet for plant breeding.

(A) Collection of variability -> selection of recombination -> hybridization among parents -> testing and commercilization of new cultivation.

(B) Collection of variability -> selection of parents -> hybridization among parents -> selection of recombination -> testing and commercialization of new cultivation.

(C) Selection of recombination -> collection of variability -> selection and hybridization of parents -> testing and commercialization of new cultivation.

(D) Selection of parents -> hybridization among parents -> collection of variability -> selection of recombination -> testing and commercialization of new cultivation.

(14) Which substance is twice amount of in maize hybrids.

(A) Lysine (B) Leusine (C) Iso leusine (D) Glycine

(15) Write full form of IVRI ?

(A) Internation veterinary research institute.

(B) Indian veterinary research institute.

(C) Imperial veterinary research institute.

(D) Imperial viral research institute.

(16) Write full form of IARI ?

(A) International agricultural research institute.

(B) Indian agricultural research institute.

(C) Imperial agricultural research institute.

(D) Indian aronitical research institute.

(17) At temperature is carried for the explant in tissue cultare?

(A) 02.4oc (B) 0.24oc (C) 024.0oc (D) 0240oc

(18) Callus is obtaind during which time in tissue cultare ?

(A) 2 to 3 days (B) 2 to 3 months (C) 2 to 3 weeks (D) 2 to 3 hours

(19) In which method rotary shaker is used ?

(A) Embryo culture (B) Biofortification(C) Suspension culture (D) Symbiosis

(20) Which method can be used for hybrid plantlet of interspecific ?

(A) Embryo culture (B) Tissue culture (C) Suspension culture (D) Callus culture

(21) The hybridization to obtain higher level of protein and minerals is……….

(A) Pasturization (B) Biofortification(C) Antibiosis (D) Symbiosis

(22) Which statement is improper for intraspecific hybridization.

(A) Animals of two different species are interbreed.

(B) The offspring show characters quite different form those obsreved in both parents.

(C) In some cases fertility of offsprings gradually discreases.

(D) Some times, the offsprings may posess all the desirable characters.

(23) Which genetically engineered technique is used to reduce enviornmental pollution to solve human nutrition problem.

(A) Single cell protein.

(B) Biofortification.

(C) Bio gas production.

(D) Pasturization.

(24) The plant tissue or organ that produce callus by division is called…….

(A) Explant (B) Sepling (C) Embryo (D) Clone

(25) In which plant the seeds do not contain stored food ?

(A) Atropa beladona (B) Canbis sataiva (C) Orchids (D) Opium

(26) Statement A : Thousands of years ago agriculture began

Statement B : At the same time animal husbandary, dairy farming, poltry & fisheries developed.

Which statement is correct for statement A and reson R.

(A) Both A and R are correct R is the correct explanation of A.

(B) Both A and R are correct, but R is not correct explanation of A.

(C) A is correct and R is wrong.

(D) A is wrong and R is correct.

(27) Which statement is true for the researches carried out at the IVRI.

(A) In india little attendance has been paid for developing poultry industry in comparision to other countries.

(B) High biological value of eggs is recommended the consumption of eggs.

(C) Poultry keeping has become small scale industry for palatable and nutritive food which it provides in the form of eggs as well as adult animals.

(D) In India poutry farms development is necessary.

(28) Which statment is improper for honey ?

(1) Used of honey is mentioned in our prehistoric religious literatares.

(2) Honey fluid formed form the glands of the stomach of worker honey bee.

(3) Male honey bee are responsible for only breeding.

(4) Honey and bee’s wax are used to manufacture of paints, polish etc.

(5) It is the product mutually produced by plant and honey bee.

(A) (1), (3), (4), (5) (B) (1), (3) (C) (1), (3), (5) (D) (2), (4)

(29) Which group is for common fresh water fishes.

(A) Rohu, mrigal, catia (B) Catla, rohu, mackerel

(C) Mrigal, mackerel, pomfrets (D) Major carp, hilsa, sardin

(30) Through plant tissue cultare growing the cell, tissue and organ in culture medium is called……..

(A) Toti potency

(B) Stored food

(C) Inter specific hybridization

(D) Dormancy

(31) Match proper pair :

Colum-1 Colum-2

P. Milk (i) Tasty and nutritive food.

Q. Honey (ii) Callus culture.

R. Agar-agar (iii) Pasturization.

S. Rotery shaker (iv) Medicinal vakce.

T. Eggs (v) Suspension culture.

(a) (P – i)(Q – iii)(R – ii)(S – iv)(T – v)

(b) (P – iii)(Q – iv)(R – v)(S – ii)(T – i)

(c) (P – iii)(Q – iv)(R – ii)(S – v)(T – i)

(d) (P – i)(Q – ii)(R – iii)(S – iv)(T – v)

(32) What is proper for outbreeding.

(A) Fertility of offsprings gradually decreases.

(B) Collection of harmful dominant genes.

(C) Animals of two different specier are interbred.

(D) A superior male of any one species is mate with a female of other species.

(33) Match proper option in colum 1 & 2.

Colum-1 Colum-2

(P) 1. Santa gertudis (i) Rapid clon enlarging.

(Q) 2. Orchid (ii) Inter specific hybridization.

(R) 3. Habrid maize (iii) Reduces enviormental pollution.

(S) 4. Mule (iv) Out breeding.

(T) 5. Methylophills (v) Bio fortification.

(a) (P – ii)(Q – iv)(R – i)(S – iii)(T – v)

(b) (P – iv)(Q – i)(R – v)(S – ii)(T – iii)

(c) (P – v)(Q – i)(R – ii)(S – iii)(T – iv)

(d) (P – i)(Q – ii)(R – iii)(S – iv)(T – v)

(34) Which process is necessary be for producing new geneic variety through plant breeding.

(A) Selection of recombinants.

(B) Testing new cultivation.

(C) Selection and evalution of parents.

(D) Testing, release and commercialization of new cultivation.

(35) Which option is proper for event of callus cultre ?

(A) Explant -> cell division -> callus -> adding cytokinin -> transform from cell to meristmatic tissue.

(B) Explant -> callus -> cell division -> adding cytokinin -> transform from cell to merismatic tissue.

(C) Callus -> adding cytokinin -> cell division -> transform from cell to meristmatic tissue -> explant.

(D) Cell division -> adding cytokinin -> callus -> explant -> transform from cell to meristmatic tissue.

(36) What is improper in callus and suspension culture ?

(A) Regeneration of sapling. (B) Formation of cell biomass.

(C) Development of genetically modified plants (D) Protoplast isolation

(37) Which type of plant is produce by plant tissue cultare.

(A) Interspecific.

(B) Dormant species.

(C) Genetically modified species.

(D) Hybrid species.

(38) The goals of animal breeding are…..

(A) Extension of reproductive phase of lite.

(B) Increase in growth rate.

(C) Higher quality for animal products.

(D) All above.

(39) In plant tissue culture due to which process volume of the medium is decrecse…

(A) To manage the 24oc temperature for the explant.

(B) Due to air exchange.

(C) Due to evoperation.

(D) Rotates over in rotary shaker.

(40) What is the aim of embryo culture ?

(A) Sub culturing.

(B) Uses of 2,4-D and cytokinin.

(C) Protoplast isolation.

(D) Growth of plant lets from dormant seeds.

AIPMT Question Bank: Biology -  Animal Husbandary and Plant Breeding

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