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For AIPMT Main other Medical Entrance Exam Prepration, Question Bank for Biology Microbes and Human Welfare is given below.

Virus, bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoan are microscopic in size hence known as microbes or microorganism. This are harmful as well as useful to human being. They are found in all types of habitates. They are exploited in different fields by modern technology. Bacteria and fungi are used in making household products such as curd, dosa and idli, bread, beverages etc. Different types of pharmacuitcal products are the result of reaction done by microbes. They produces antibodies, carbonicoied, alcohol, enzymes, protien, steroids etc. Microbes are important in fuel energy production. Sewage treatment plants and bilogas plants are possible due to such of microbes only. Biogas is mixture of methane, co2, and which are used in fuel energy. Bacteria, fungi, algae, virus are used in biocontrol and biofertilisers in agriculture.We should use such chemical instead of synthetic artificial chemical in our life cycle.

1. Which organisms are useful for the knowledge of biotechnology and genetic engineering ?

(a) Animals (b) Plants

(c) Micro Organism (d) None of them

2. Which bacteria gives protection against gestiric injury ?

(a) Methenogins (b) Lecto Bacillus

(c) Lecto Cocas (d) Lecto Strepto

3. Which micro-organism are useful in fermantation of dough for the idli and dhosa ?

(a) Bacteria (b) Protozua

(c) Fungus (d) Virus

4. Which is useful to obtainace acetic acid ?

(a) Aspergillus niger (b) Clostridium Butirycun

(c) Acetobactor aceti (d) Saech arhomyces Cerreui Siae

5. Which is one correct for the amino acid ?

(a) L-melic acid (b) L-Lycin

(c) L-aluconic Acid (d) (a) & (c) both

6. Which is useful to remove the oily stains in laundry ?

(a) Renin (b) Protease (c) Amaylase (d) Lipase

7. Which one correct option for fermantation ?

(a) To prepare pickle from vegetable and savour fruits

(b) To prepare food for cattle

(c) To prepare some vitamins

(d) In production of some Enzymes

8. Which is useful to remove weeds in agriculture ?

(a) Pesticides (b) Weedicide (c) Fungicide (d) Insecticides

9. Which metabolic process is performed by bectaria in biogas plant ?

(a) Aerobic Respiration (b) Cellular Respiration

(c) Anerobic Respiration (d) Internal Respiration

10. IARI means…..

(a) India Agriculture Research Institute

(b) International Agrochemical Research Institute

(c) Indian Agrochemical Research Institute

(d) Indian Agriculture Resource Institute

11. Which organism is useful to form biofertiliser ?

(a) Glomus (b) Cynobacteria

(c) Azospirillum (d) All the given

12. Which organic compuned is useful to prepare Encilage ?

(a) Vitamin (b) Protien

(c) Lipid (d) Carbohydrates

13. Which one is produce by the help of Arebia gossipae ?

(a) Riboflavin (b) Steriods (c) Statins (d) Lycin

14. Which is irrelavant for mychorrhiza ?

(a) Absorb of phosphorous (b) Increase Immunity

(c) Fixation of Free N2 (d) Protectes against salinity and draought

15. Which group is true for the Enzymes of micro organism ?

(a) Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Protease.

(b) Glycin, Renin, Lipase, Melic Acid

(c) Lipase, Protease, Lipase, Amylase

(d) Glyconic acid, protease, Lipase, Amylose

16. Which fungus is useful to prepare bread ?

(a) Rhizopus nigricans (b) Saecharhomyces Cerrevisiae

(c) Clostridium Butirycum (d) Asper Gillus Niger

17. Find odd sentences out :-

(a) Ethenol is used as a fuel in Brazil.

(b) Toddy is prepared from palm tree in north India.

(c) Micro organism are useful to prepare enzymes, protienes and steriods.

(d) Penicillin is prepared from penicillium notatum.

18. Which micro organism is useful to obtain short chain fatty acids ?

(a) Saecharhomyces Cerrevisiae (b) Azeto bacter aciti

(c) Clostridium butirycum (d) Aspergillus niger

19. My chorrhiza means…………………

(a) Symbiosis between fungus and plants

(b) Symbiosis between plant and bacteria

(c) Symbiosis between algae and fungus

(d) Symbiosis between michorrrhiza of fungus of water and bacteria

20. In production of which carbonic acid,Aspergillus niger is useful ?

(a) Citric acid (b) Butyric acid (c) Acetic acid (d) Palmitic acid

21. Which one is related with steriods ?

(a) Citric acid (b) Butyric acid (c) Acetic acid (d) Palmitic acid

22. Which is used to prevent blood clotting in blood vessels ?

(a) Steriods (b) Cyclo sporin-A (c) Streptokinase (d) Stetins

23. Which is to be used in production of swiss cheese ?

(a) Monoscus Purpureus (b) Clostridium bacterium

(c) Lacto Bacillus (d) Saecharhomyces Cerrevisiae

24. Which option is related with the utility of lectic acid ?

(a) In fermantation, to prepare pickle (b) useful for preparing curd from milk

(c) To increase the quality of vitamin B12 (d) All the given.

25. Which one is useful as a immunosuppresive agent in organ transplant ?

(a) Cyclosprin-C (b) Cyclosporin-L

(c) Cyclosporin-A (d) All the given

26. Which bacteria is useful for purification in sewage treatment ?

(a) Hetrotrops (b) Symbiont

(c) Free living (d) Parasist

27. Which assertion is correct ?

(a) There is role of ministry of forest and environment in developing biogas technology.

(b) Micro organism are used as a bio control agent by IARI.

(c) Biofertilisers are used over chemical fertilizer to redused pollution.

(d) Chemical fertiliser are used to form biofertiliser.

28. To which, function baculo virus is involve ?

(a) Produces deases some arthropods and insect.

(b) Produces deases in todes neme.

(c) Produces deases in fungus.

(d) Produces Insectisides.

29. Which one is related with monoscus pupurous ?

(a) Streptokinase – To prevent blood clotting.

(b) Cyclosporin- A – Immunosuppresser

(c) Stetins – Decreases the cholesterole in blood

(d) All the given

30. Full form of BOD.

(a) Biological Oxygen Demand (b) Bio Oxygen Demand

(c) Biochemical Oxygen Demand (d) Biochemical Oxygen Degreadable

31. Which is the group of autotroph micro organisms ?

(a) Anabaena, Nostoc, Glomus, Trichoderma

(b) Aceletoria, Anabaena, Cynobacteria, Rhizopus.

(c) Nostoc, Aspergilus, Anabaena, Rhizopus

(d) Acelatoria, Anabaena,Nostoc, Cynobacteria.

32. By which process floating debris and grit are removed in STPs respectively ?

(a) Filteration and Sedimentation (b) Filteration and Distilation

(c) Sedimentation and Filteration (d) Only Filteration

33. Which is useful to control Nematodes in cearel crops ?

(a) Bionemotocides (b) Fungicides (c) Weedicides (d) Incecticeides

34. Which sentence is odd ?

(a) Progesteron is useful as a immuno suppressor

(b) Stetins is useful to reduse cholesterole

(c) Streptokines is useful to prevent blood clotting

(d) Lipase is useful to remove oily stains

35. Which micro organism is involved in flocks as well as in michorrhiza ?

(a) Bacteria (b) Virus (c) Fungus (d) Algae

36. Find odd group out :-

(a) Carbomycin, bactitracin, tetracytidine, fumagillin

(b) Butaric acid, Isotric acid, Lectic acid, Melic acid

(c) Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Csellulase

(d) Glucomylase, Renin, Glucose Oxicide

37. Which pest is obtained from Pseudononas ?

(a) Quantum-400 (b) Quantum-4000 (c) Quantum-40000 (d) Quantum-40

38. Which organism is useful to prepare Alcohol ?

(a) Saccherohmy Ceribicie (b) Streptomycis Saccheromysis

(c) Streptococus cerbicie (d) Saccherohmycis Cerevisiae

39. Which pair is odd ?

(a) Rhizobium-Symbiotic bacteria (b) Glamus-Symblotic fungus

(c) Trichoderma-Free living bactaria (d) Azatobector-Free living bactaria

40. Which is correct sequence for purification process of STPs ?

(a) Primary Sludge -> Effluent -> Flocks -> Active Sludge -> Biogas

(b) Flocks -> Primary Sludge -> Effluent -> Active Sludge -> Biogas

(c) Primary Sludge -> Effluent -> Active Sludge -> Flocks -> Biogas

(d) Effluent -> Flocks -> Primary Sludge -> Active Sludge -> Biogas

41. Which product is synthesized by micro organism at commerical level for mankind ?

(a) Vaccine (b) Biofuel (c) Alcohol (d) All the given

42. Effluent means….

(a) Water remaining under the primary sludge.

(b) Solid compunds of the sedimentation

(c) Water remaining over the primary sludge

(d) Flocks forms from the primary sludge.

43. Which group of micro organism is useful as a bio control agent ?

(a) Cynobacteria, Bacula virus, Trichoderma

(b) Trichoderma, Psuedomonas, Bacillus Thuringiensis

(c) Rhizhobiam, Cynobacteria, Psuedomonas

(d) All the given

44. Which gases are there in biogas ?

AIPMT Question Bank: Biology - Microbes and Human Welfare

45. Which bacteria are useful in anaerobic sludge digestures tank ?

(a) Hypo geal (b) Aerobic (c) Free living (d) Aneorobic

46. Which one correct for the free living and symbiotic funges ?

(a) Glomus and Rhyzopus (b) Glomus and Azospirillum

(c) Trichoderma and Rhizopus (d) Trichoderma and Azospirillum

47. Formation of flocks means….

(a) Assoicated of virus with the bacteria remains in water

(b) Bactaria which associated with the mychoriza of the fungus of water

(c) Bactaria which associated with the mychorriza of the fungus of soil

(d) Bactaria which associated with the solid waste of the water

48. In which tank flocks is sedimenated and forms respectively ?

(a) Settling tank, Aeration tank (b) Aeration tank, Effluent tank

(c) Aeration tank, Settling tank (d) Effluent tank, Anearoble tank

49. Who has established Ganga nad Yamuna action plan ?

(a) IARI (b) KVIC

(c) Ministry of forest and Environment (d) Integrated pest control management

50. What is sedimantated flocks ?

(a) Passive sludge (b) Primary sludge (c) Active sludge (d) None of them

51. Which statement is correct for STPs ?

(a) Value of BOD is decrease in effluent. (b) Flocks is sedimanted in settling tank.

(c) At end of process biogas is formed. (d) All the given

52. Which odd for mixed gases which produces in anerobic sludge diagesters ?

(a) CO2 (b) CH4 (c) H2S (d) CH3

53. Which bacteria is remain in alimentary canal of herbivorus ?

(a) Azetobactor (b) Methenogens (c) Azospirillium (d) Bacillus

54. Which biological process will take place in STPs ?

(a) Flocks (b) Filteration (c) Sedimentation (d) (b) & (c) both

55. What is indirectly called the measurment of organic matter of water ?

(a) BOD (b) DOB (c) COD (d) DOC

56. From which compound methane gas is produced by bacteria ?

(a) lipase (b) Amylase (c) Cellulase (d) Protease

57. Which gas will produced in anearobic sludge digesteres ?

(a) CO2 (b) H2S (c) CH4 (d) All the given

58. Which micro organism is irrelevent as a biocontrol agent ?

(a) Virus (b) Bectaria (c) Algae (d) Fungus

59. Which scientist has invented Antibodies ? (KCET 2004)

(a) Ernest chain (b) Howard Florey (c) Alexander Fleming (d) W.Fleming

60. Which bacterial group is useful in biogas production ? (JIPMER 2000)

(a) Rhizobium (b) Methanogens

(c) Argonotrocs (d) Eubectaria

61. Which symbiotic bacteria is N2 fixative with the root nodule of leguminious plant ? (AFMC 1998)

(a) Azospyrillium (b) Clostridium (c) Azotobactor (d) Rhizobium

62. Which living organism works as bio-fertiliser ? (PMT 1998)

(a) Azzola (b) Clostridium (c) Azotobactor (d) Rhizobium

63. Which micro organism is useful in production of citric acid ? (CBSEPMT 1995)

(a) Azotobactor (b) Penicillium (c) Asperzilus niger (d) Clostridium

64. By which process cheese and toddy is obtained ? (PMT 1998)

(a) Fermantation (b) Distillation (c) Pasuirisation (d) Hydrolisis

65. To which BOD is related ? (MP MPT 2002)

(a) Microbes and organic matters (b) Organic compound

(c) Microbes (d) None of them

66. Which organism is useful to produce Riboflavin ? (CBSEPMT 1999)

(a) Arabia hossipae (b) Saccharhomyces Cervisiae

(c) (a) & (b) both (d) None of them

67. Bacillus thuringiensis is useful in…. (CBSEPMT 2005)

(a) Bio fertiliser (b) Biometalogical (c) Biotoxic plant (d) Bio product plant

68. Bio fertilizer means……

(a) Crop which shows rapid growth (b) Cow dung and agricultural west

(c) prepared by Anabaena and Nostoc (d) None of them

69. Which pair is correct ? (Kerala PMT 2007)

1 – Cynobacteria – Bio pestisides

2 – Mychorriza – Absorption of phosphurus

3 – Becillus thuringiensis – toxin

4 – Single cell protien – Rhizobium

(a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 1 (d) 4

70. Which pair is odd ? (CBSEPMT 2007)

(a) Yeast – Ethenol (b) Penicillium – Penicillin

(c) Methenogens – Biogas (d) Streptococus – Stetins

71. What is value of BOD of sewage water in comparision to normal water ?

(a) More (b) Less (c) Normal (d) Zero

72. Which pair is correct ? (AIIMS 2003)

(a) Rhizobium – Parasites of leguminous plant (b) Mychoriza – Absorbation of Phosphate

(c) Yeast – Biogas production (d) Nostoc – Biofuel

73. According to latest news BT cotton is widely cultivated, in that Bt cotton means….

(a) Bigger thread variety

(b) Cotton seeds treated with Barium

(c) Produce by biotechnologycal enzymes ristiction endonueleus

(d) Contains Endo toxin gene of B.T.

74. Which are the main components of biogas ?
AIPMT Question Bank: Biology - Microbes and Human Welfare

75. Azospirillium and Azotobector for example of…..

(a) Decomposers (b) Free living N2 fixative

(c) Symbiotic N2 fixative (d) Pathogenes

76. How the ethenol is produce in industrial field ?

(a) Saecheromisis (b) Clostridium

(c) Aspergillus (d) Streptomysis

77. Which option provides fertiliser as well as energy ?

(a) rhizobium (b) Biogas

(c) Fuel Plant (d) All the given

78. Which one is true information for toxin Bt ?

(a) Bt protien contains active toxins in bacillus

(b) Active toxin enters into the ovary of insects and makes it sterile so as to stop the reproduction.

(c) Becillius contains antitoxin material

(d) Toxic enters into the alimentary canal of insects which results lethal for the insect.

79. By BOD which one is to be measured ?

(a) Amount of organic matters of water.

(b) Industrial waste of water Resources.

(c) Amount of co which connected with Hb.

(d) Amount of required O2 for dark reaction of green plants.

Column Type Questions

80. Match the following

Column-I Column-II

(P) Cyclosporin-A (i) Rhizopus nigricans

(Q) Hydroxi Projegteron (ii) Monoscus Purpureus

(R) Stetins (iii) Arebia Gossipi

(S) Riboflavin (iv) Trhichoderma polysporum

(a) (P-iv) (Q-ii) (R-i) (S-iii) (b) (P-iii) (Q-i) (R-ii) (S-iv)

(c) (P-iii) (Q-i) (R-ii) (S-iv) (d) (P-iii) (Q-i) (R-iii) (S-ii)

81. Match the following

Column-I Column-II

(P) Aspergilus niger (i) Butyric acid

(Q) Clostridium butiricum (ii) Acetic acid

(R) Azatobactor (iii) Lactic acid

(S) Lactobacillus (iv) Citric acid

(a) (S-i) (P-ii) (Q-iii) (R-iv) (b) (Q-i) (R-ii) (S-iii) (P-iv)

(c) (R-i) (P-ii) (Q-iii) (S-iv) (d) (P-i) (Q-ii) (S-iii) (S-iv)

82. Match the following

Column-I Column-II

(P) Cynobacteria (i) N2-fixation

(Q) Pseudomonas (ii) Biogas

(R) Rhizobium (iii) Biofertilisersin peddy fields

(S) Methenogens (iv) Quantam-4000

(a) (R-i) (S-ii) (Q-iii) (P-iv) (b) (S-i) (Q-ii) (P-iii) (R-iv)

(c) (R-i) (P-ii) (S-iii) (Q-iv) (d) (R-i) (S-ii) (P-iii) (Q-iv)

83. Match the following

Column-I Column-II

(P) Blue green Algae (i) Pathogenes effect some arthropods

(Q) Baculo virus (ii) Increase organic matters in soil

(R) Bacillus thariengensis (iii) Bio control

(S) Trichoderma (iv) Produced toxin

(a) (Q-i) (R-ii) (S-iii) (P-iv) (b) (P-i) (Q-ii) (R-iii) (S-iv)

(c) (Q-i) (P-ii) (R-iv) (S-iii) (d) (R-i) (S-ii) (P-iii) (Q-iv)

84. Match the following

Column-I Column-II

(P) Streptokinase (i) To provent blood clotting

(Q) Penicillin (ii) To decrease cholesterole

(R) Stetins (iii) Immuno supressor

(S) Cyclosporin-A (iv) Anti biotic

(a) (P-i) (Q-ii) (R-iii) (S-iv) (b) (P-i) (R-ii) (S-iii) (Q-iv)

(c) (R-i) (P -ii) (Q-iii) (S-iv) (d) (S-i) (r-ii) (P-iii) (Q-iv)

85. Match the following

Column-I Column-II

(P) BOD (i) Food for cattle

(Q) Flocks (ii) Association of Bactaria and filaments of mold in water

(R) Encilage (iii) Measure of the organic matter in a water

(S) Biogas (iv) Anaerobic metabolisom on biowaste

(a) (R-i) (Q-ii) (P-iii) (S-iv) (b) (Q-i) (R-ii) (S-iii) (P-iv)

(c) (P-i) (S-ii) (R-iii) (Q-iv) (d) (S-i) (P-ii) (S-iii) (R-iv)

86. Match the following

Column-I Column-II

(P) Rhizobium (i) Leguminous

(Q) Anabaena (ii) Autotroph N2-fixative

(R) Azatobactor (iii) Freeliving N2-fixative

(S) Glomus (iv) Phosphorus absorption

(a) (P-i) (Q-ii) (R-iii) (S-iv) (b) (Q-i) (P-ii) (R-iii) (S-iv)

(c) (P-iii) (Q-i) (R-ii) (S-iv) (d) (P-i) (Q-ii) (R-iv) (S-iii)

Statement (A) and Reason (R) Type Question

(a) Both A and R are true and R is correct explanation of A.

(b) Both A and R are true but R is not correct explantion of A.

(c) A is true but R is false.

(d) A is false but R is true.

87. A :- Lab improves quality of vitamin-B12

R :- Lactobacilus bectaria produces lactic acid.

(a) (b) (c) (d)

88. A :- Cyclosporin-A is used as an Immunosupressiore.

R :- Cyclosporin-A is obtained from Trichoderma.

(a) (b) (c) (d)

89. A :- Encilage is food for cattle.

R :- Encilage is produced by fermantation of protien of green plant tissue.

(a) (b) 0 (c) (d)

90. A :- Dung of cattle is used to produced biogas.

R :- There are large number of methenogonic bacteria in dung of cattle.

(a) (b) (c) (d)

91. A:- As an alternative to chemicals, biochemicals are produced through biocontrol agent.

R :- Using biochemicals, natural balance is maintained.

(a) (b) (c) (d)

92. A :- Photosynthetic bacteria produced to N2.

R :- Bacteria are able to convert solar energy into chemical energy.

(a) (b) (c) (d)

93. A :- Protease enzymes are produced by micro organisms.

R :- Bacteria enzymes are used to remove oily stains in laundry.

(a) (b) (c) (d)

94. A :- Aerobic bacteria forms flocks by associating with michoriaza.

R :- Upper free water which remain over primary sludge is called effluent.

(a) (b) (c) (d)

95. A :- BT is useful to control pest of crops.

R :- Some species of fungus also use as a pest control.

(a) (b) (c) (d)

96. A :- Trichoderma absorb phosporos for the plant.

R :- Quantum-4000 is obtained from psuedomonas.

(a) (b) (c) (d)

97. A :- L-Lycine is kind of amino acid.

R :- Pickle are the result of citric acid fermantation of fruits like citrus and vegetables.

(a) (b) (c) (d)

AIPMT Question Bank: Biology - Microbes and Human Welfare

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