CBSE Sample Papers for Class 8 Biology – SA2

Summative Assessment – Semester II Biology

Class: 8 Max Mks: 45 | Time: 2 hrs

Chapters included are

  • 4. Health and Hygiene
  • 5. Pollution and Conservation
  • 6. Food Production and Management – I
  • 7. Food Production and Management – II

General Instructions:

  • All questions are compulsory
  • Questions 1 to 5 are multiple-choice questions and carry 1 mark each. Choose the appropriate option and write the answer in the answer sheet.
  • Question 6 to 10 carry 1 mark each and must be answered in 1 or 2 sentences.
  • Questions 11 to 19 carry 2 marks each must be answered in 2 or 3 sentences.
  • Questions 20 to 23 carry 3 marks each and must be answered in 5 or 6 sentences.
  • Question 24 carries 5 marks and must be answered in 7 or 8 sentences.

1. Which of the following is not a cereal?

  • (a) Wheat
  • (b) Sorghum
  • (c) Maize
  • (d) Groundnut

2. Sonalika and Kalyan Sona are high-yielding varieties of

  • (a) Wheat
  • (b) Mustard
  • (c) Rice
  • (d) Groundnut

3. Ringworm is a disease caused by

  • (a) Protozoa
  • (b) Bacteria
  • (c) Virus
  • (d) Fungi

4. Aerosol means

  • (a) Water present
  • (b) Suspended particulate matter
  • (c) Excess carbon dioxide in air
  • (d) None of the above

5. High milk-yielding breed of buffalo is

  • (a) Lohi
  • (b) Sindhi Red
  • (c) Jersy
  • (d) Murrah

6. Define apiculture.

7. The process of separating the grain from the chaff is called ____________.

8. Give examples of two metals to obtain nuclear energy.

9. Name two diseases caused by protozoa.

10. Soil fertility can be preserved by adopting ____________.

11. Mention the types of natural resources. Give examples.

12.Differentiate between deforestation and afforestation.

13.Name two vitamin-deficiency diseases and two mineral-deficiency diseases.

14. Mention few uses of forests.

15.What are manures? Give examples.

16.Give the symptoms of kwashiorkor.

17.Define crop yield.

18.What are the two crop seasons?

19.Define domestication and shearing.

20.Write short notes on Green revolution.

21.What are the aims of crop improvement?

22.What steps would you take to prevent and control diseases?

23.How can you conserve wildlife?

24. Mention some of the methods of reducing pollution.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 8 Solved Sample Papers

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