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CBSE Solved Sample Papers for Class 8 for Science – Second Term

CBSE Solved Sample Papers for Class 8 for Science Subject (Term 2)  is given below. The solved sample papers are created as per the latest CBSE syllabus and curriculum keeping in mind the latest marking scheme.

Q 1. Name any two combustible substances.


(a)    petrol
(b)   wood

Q 2 . What do we call green coloured plastid?

Ans .chloroplasts

Q 3. In which female reproductive organ does the embryo get embedded?

Ans uterus

Q 4. Name two unicellular organisms.


(a)    Amoeba
(b)   Paramecium

Q 5. What is the range of audible sound for human ear?

Ans . From 20 to 20,000 hz.

Q 6. Name the unit which the colorific value of a joule is expressed.

Ans kilojoules/kilogram (kj/kg)

Q 7. Name the largest planet of the solar system.

Ans Jupiter.

Q8. Define vibration.

Ans the to and fro or back and forth motion of an object is called vibration.

Q 9. Write ‘T’ for true and ‘f’ for false statement.

Ans testosterone.

Q 10. Name two animals in which external fertilization takes place.

Q 11. What are air pollutants?

Ans the substances which contaminate the air are called air pollutants

Q 12 which is the most common fire extinguisher?

Ans water is the most common fire extinguisher

Q 13gives an example each:

(a)    Non-contact force
(b)   A device used for measuring the force acting on an object
(c)    A lubricant
(d)   A musical instrument


(a)    Electrostatic force
(b)   Spring balance
(c)    Oil
(d)   guitar

Q 14 when and how do the sex organs develop in boys and girls?


Boys: At puberty, male sex organs like the tester and penis develop completely. The tester also begins to produce sperms.

Girls: At puberty, in girls the ovaries enlarge and the eggs begin to mature also ovaries start releasing mature eggs

Q 15 Give reasons we are not crushed under the weight of air a column of the height of the atmosphere.

Ans the pressure inside our bodies is also equal to the atmosphere pressure and cancel the pressure from outside. So we are not crushed under this weight.

Q 16 matches the following:

Q 17 give reason water is not suitable for extinguishing fires on electrical equipment.

Ans if electrical equipment is no fire water may conduct electricity and harm those trying to douse the fire.

Q 18 give reasons:

(a)    the sole of your shoes is grooved.
(b)   We use lubricants in machines.


(a)    It is done to increase friction and to provide the shoes better grip on the floor, so that we can move safely
(b)   This is done to reduce friction. When a lubricant is applied between the moving parts of a machine, a thim layer is formed there and moving surface does not directly rub against each other.

Q 19 explains how can you take care of your eyes?

Ans following precautionary measures can be taken on take care of your eyes:

(i)                  We should always wash our eyes with plan cold water at least three times a day.
(ii)                We should not touch our eyes with dirty hands.
(iii)               We should never rub our eyes.
(iv)              We should never rub our eyes.
(v)                We should read book, watch T.V.,and read from black board from a suitable distance.
(vi)              Consult on eye specialist if you have any irritations, redness in your eyes.

Q 20 fills in the blanks:

(a)    Millions of _____ are produced by the testers
(b)   The onset of ________ brings about forth of the reproductive organs.
(c)    Force per unit are is called ___
(d)   The frictional force exerted by fluids is also called_____
(e)   Braille system has ____ dot patterns or characters.
(f)     Two mirrors inclined to each other give _____ images.

Q 21 what is the full form of CFCs?


(i)                  The full form of CFCs is chlorofluorocarbons.
(ii)                They are used in refer graters, airconditioners and aerosol sprays
(iii)               CFCs damage the ozone layer of the atmosphere

Q 22 Gives reason

(a)    A bicycle and a motor machine uses gear between the moving parts of these machines
(b)   Soles of shoes wear out after use
(c)    An aero plane is shaped like a bird.


(a)    This is done to reduce frictions.
(b)   Soles of shoes wear out due to friction.
(c)    The aero planes are shaped like birds to reduce friction.

Q 23 what is gravitational force? Give examples?

Ans Every object in the universe, whether small or large exerts a force on every other object. This force is known as the gravitational force. For example

(a)    Water begins to flow
(b)   Water in rivers flows downward due to the force of gravity.

Q 24 Supposes you are in a dark room. Can you see object in the room. Can you see object’s outside the room. Explain?

Ans We cannot see the objects in the room because it is a dark room, light is reflected room the surface of the object, so we are not able to see them. But outside the room, the object can reflect light, thus enabling us to see the object.

Q 25 Why adolescents should be careful about what they cat? Mention what their meal should consist of and what it should not?

Ans A adolescents should we careful about what they eat because an adolescent is a stage of rapid growth and development. Hence the diet for an adolescent has to be carefully planned.

Their meal shou1ld consist of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins in requisite proportions chips and packed or tinned snacked, through very tasty should never replaces regular meals sa they do not have adequate nutritional value.

Q 26 Give an example each to show that friction is both a friend and a foe

Ans Friction is a friend because it allows walking comfortably on the ground. Friction is foe because it causes wear and tear in objects of our daily use and machines we use.

Q 27 Describe the threat of the beauty of the taj mahal

Ans increasing air pollution has posed a threat to the beauty of the taj mahal. Exercise poisonous gooses and smoke has started to taj mahal. Acid rain due to increasing air pollution has started to corrode the marble, thus making taj mahal losses its beauty.

Q 28 what is potable water? List any three methods of make water potable.

Ans potable water: Water which is suitable for drinking is called potable water.

Methods to make water potable:

(i)                  By filtration: Any suspended impurity in the water from well,river,or lake can be removed by filtering water through a fine Muslim cloth,gravel,savd and charcoal.
(ii)                By boiling: the filtered water can be made germ free by boiling it for 10-15               minutes and cooling it before use.
(iii)               By treating with some chemicals: the filtered water can also be made germ-free by adding a small quantity of any of the chemicals, such as, potarrium per manganite, bleaching powder or chlorine tablets.

Q 29

(a)    Write any three differences between animal cell and planet cell.
(b)   Where are chromosomes found in a cell? State their function.


(b)   Chromosomes are found in the uncles of a cell. Their function is to carry characteristics feature of parent cell to the daughter cell i.e. from parent to offspring’s.

Q 30 how do vehicle on the road cause pollution?


(a)    Vehicles produce high levels of pollutants like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and smoke.
(b)   Automobiles which burn diesel and petrol also produce tiny particles which remain suspended in air for long periods. They reduce visibility , when inhaled ,  they cause diseases

Q 31 what is global warming? How is it harmful?

Ans: Due to the emission of gases like co2carbon monoxide, methane, the average temperature of the earth atmosphere is globally increasing. This is called global warming. Global warming is harmful because:

(a)    It can cause sea levels to rise dramatically
(b)   It can have wart ranging effects on rainfallpatterns, agriculture, forests, plants and animals.

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