Tripura Board Class 11 Syllabus for Political Science

Tripura Board of Higher Secondary Education Class XI Syllabus for Political Science with course structure are given below.

Unit-I : Introduction to Political Science (Periods 14)

Definition, Evolution-Subject matter, Politics and Political Science ; Relations with other social sciences

Unit-II : State (Periods 14)

Definition- elements, Origin(Divine origin theory, Force theory, Social Contact theory and Marxist theory, Evolution theory), State and other Association

Unit-III : Nation and Citizenship (Periods 18)

Definition of Nation, Factors behind emergence-the right to self Determination, Nationalism and Internationalism

Citizenship-Definition, Acquisition and loss of Citizenship (with special reference to India), Citizen and Nation.

Unit-IV : Law and Rights (Periods 15)

Law : Definition, Sources and Classification

Rights : Meaning and types.

Liberty, Equality and Justice : meaning, safeguards of liberty, relation between Liberty, Equality and Justice

Unit-V : Political Ideologies (Periods 18)

Liberalism, Socialism, Marxism and Fascism – meaning, features and critical Evaluation.

Democracy, Dictatorship-Definition, features, types and critical evaluation


Unit-VI : Philosophy of the Constitution (Periods 14)

Definition and classification of Constitution, origin, Constituent Assembly And Preamble, features of the Indian constitution; philosophy of the Constitution

Unit-VII : Forms of Government ( Periods 15)

Unitary and Federal – Definition, Basic features and differences, Nature of Indian Federal System Presidential and Parliamentary – Definition, features and differences- Nature of Parliamentary Government in India

Unit-VIII : Fundamental Rights and Duties (Periods 15 )

Fundamental rights and duties of an Indian citizen, Directive Principles of State Policy – significance and distinction between fundamental Rights and Directive principles, Fundamental duties of Indian citizen

Unit-IX : Political Parties and Pressure Groups (Periods 12 )

Definition and functions of political parties and pressure groups- meaning And differences of National and Regional parties, basic features of party System in India
Election Commission in India-composition and functions

Unit-X : Project (Periods 15 )

Some suggested areas of for project works:

i. Awareness of a good citizen
ii. Conditions responsible for a successful democracy.
iii. Right to Education and actual implementation- problems and prospects
iv. National integrity.
v. Communal Harmony.
vi. A report on meeting of the rural and urban local self bodies.
vii. Any other topic related with the syllabus.

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