Tripura Board Class 11 Syllabus for English

Tripura Board of Higher Secondary Education Class XI Syllabus for English with course structure are given below.

Unit-I : Prose (Periods 40)

i. The Portrait of a Lady – Khuswant Singh
ii. An Interview – Richard Gordon
iii. The Night Train at Deoli – Ruskin Bond
iv. An Appeal to His Countrymen – Swami Vivekananda

Unit-II : Poetry (Periods 30)

i. Patriotism – Walter Scott
ii. Lucy Gray – William Wordsworth
iii. The Bangle Sellers – Sarojini Naidu
iv.Gitanjali No. 50 – Rabindranath Tagore

Unit-III : Supplementary Reader (Periods 20)

i. Letter from a Father to His Daughter – Jawaharlal Nehru

Unit-IV : Writing (Periods 20)

i. Newspaper Advertisement
ii. Newspaper Article/Report
iii. Official Letter/Letter to Editor
iv. Descriptive Narrative(of places/ events)

Unit-V : Grammar (Periods 40)

i. Supplementing right word
ii. Gap filling (with correct tense forms of verb)
iii. Transformation of sentences (voice change)
iv. Dialogue completion

Unit-VI : Comprehension (Periods 15)

i. One passage for comprehension (maximum 400 to 500 words)

Unit-VII : Project ( Periods 15)

i. One project in 800 to 1000 words

a) Taking Interview
b) Life and works of Poets/Authors/Sports Persons
c) Field study of English teaching of the locality

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