Crystal lattice:-

  • a. Such a regular arrangement of the constituent particles [atoms, ions or molecules] of a lattice.
  • b. The constituent particles of crystalline solids are arranged in definite fashion in three dimensional space.

Characteristic of crystal lattice:-

  • a. Each point in the crystal lattice represents a constituent particle which may be atom, molecule, ion.
  • b. Each points in the lattice is called lattice point or lattice site.
  • c. The points are joined by lines just to represent the geometry of the lattice.

Unit cell:-

  • The smallest three dimensional portion of a complete space lattice which when repeated over and over again in different directions produce the complete space lattice is called the unit cell.

Parameters of a unit cell:-

  • a. Its dimensions (length) along the three edges may or may not be perpendicular
  • b. Angles between the edges, angle alpha(a) between b and c, β between a and c, γ between a and b. Thus a unit cell is chaterised six parameters.

    Based upon difference in the parameters there are basically seven types of unit cell are:-
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