Factors affecting adsorption from


  1. Nature of the adsorbate and adsorbent.
  2. Tempreture the adsorption decreases with increase in tempreture.
  3. Surface area of adsorbent.

Thus the isotherm for the adsorption of solutes from solution is found similar to that of gas and solids. Thus the relationship between x/m (mass of solute adsorded pergram of adsorbent) and the equilibrium concentration C, is similar

  • In curing diseases:– Some drugs can adsorb the germs on them and hence kill them and save us from diseases.


Q.1      Why charcol is used in an aqua guard, and why it needs to replaced time to time?

Ans.     Charcol adsorbs the unpleasant impurities present in water and make water fit for drinking due to long use surface of charcol becomes dirty and adsorption becomes less thus it should be replaced.

Q.2      What is use of charcol in sugar industry?

Ans.     Charcol adsorbs the undesirable colouring compounds present in the sugarcane juice and helps in production of white crystals of sugar.

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