Tamil Nadu State Board Home Science Sample Paper for Class 12

Tamil Nadu Board of Higher Secondary Education Sample Paper / Model Paper for Class 12 Home Science is given below.


Time – 3 hrs
Marks – 150

Section A – Answer all questions
Section B – Answer any 15 questions
Section C – One question is compulsory and answer any 5 from the remaining questions.
Section D – Answer any 4 questions.

Section – A

Answer all questions 15 x 1 = 15

I. Fill in the blanks

1. __________ __________ is a natural antiseptic.

2. ___________ is the organ of balance.

3. Succus entericus is secreted by___________

4. Calcium deficiency in elderly women may lead to __________

5. Mustard is adulterated with __________ seeds.

6. __________ __________ is the reproductive age.

7. _______ is the time of the ‘ empty nest’ .

8. Both male and female sex organs reach their mature size in late __________.

9. PFA was enacted in the year__________.

10. _____________ is the quality mark for agricultural products.

11. __________ have conservative tastes, they do not want to differ from their groups.

12. __________ is used for checking lines and hems.

13. ___________ method is the most effective method of introducing a new topic or lesson.

14. ______________ is a bold illustration with little or no writing.

15. ____________ is the process by which messages are transferred from a source to a receiver.

II. Match the following 10 x 1 = 10

16. Femoral pressure point – Pellagra 19

17. Myopia – Salivary gland 18

18. Parotid – Koilonychia 20

19. Niacin – Nearsightedness 17

20. Iron – Arteries of the thigh 16

21. Adolescence – Law of consumption 22

22. Engle – Toddler size 24

23. Darning – Round table discussion 25

24. Size 1 to 3 – Time of rapid growth and change

25. Pannel Discussion – Mending 23

III. True or False 6 x 1 = 6

26. Sprouting does not improve the quality of pulses

27. Moderate zinc deficiency causes impaired taste and impaired smell.

28. Middle age is referred to as ‘non-wearing out’ in certain vital areas.

29. Quality of life is determined by the use of resources.

30. Petite sizes come in both junior and missy.

31. A built up story is not essential for flannel graph.

IV. Choose the right answer 5 x 1 = 5

32. The standard width of cotton dress fabric is
a) 92 cms
b) 72 cms
c) 55 cms
d) 100 cms

33. Nephritis is the disease related to
a) Eye
b) Ear
c) Kidney
d) Skin

34. Complan is an example of
a) Vlenderised food
b) Predigested food
c) Natural liquid food.

35. Congenital deafness can be due to _________
a) Genetic
b) Nerve
c) Sensory neural
d) Block in the eustachian tube.

36. The very long, fine and flexible needle is called
a) Crewel
b) Chenille
c) Beading
d) Tapestry

V. Answer in one or two words 14 x 1 = 14

37. Which is the association related to issue of certificates for first aid?

38. Name the gas present in Car exhaust fumes.

39. Name the pigment that acts during visual cycle.

40. What does GFR stand for?

41. Name the preservative used in fruit products.

42. What is used to control microbial population in foods like cheese?

43. Write the symptoms of Typhoid and Paratyphoid.

44. Which is the age consider as the dividing line between the middle and old age?

45. In which account system small deposits are accepted?

46. Name a natural fuel.

47. What is the size of best shears?

48. What is the equipment needed to undo seams and cutting threads?

49. Write any one filling stitch.

50. Give another word for pie graph.

Section – B

VI. Answer any 15 questions answer not to exceed 30 words 15 x 2 = 30

51. ABC rule – Explain.

52. What are Adulterants?

53. What is astigmatism?

54. What is cirrhosis?

55. Name the different layers of skin

56. Write about Vitamin A prophylaxis programme.

57. List 2 symptoms of food allergy

58. What are the types of fevers?

59. What are the three criterias for the success of Adjustment in adulthood?

60. Write notes on Braille.

61. What are the three ‘A’ s of happiness during puberty?

62. Write Baker’ s definition for a disabled child.

63. What is central decision?

64. State the importance of savings.

65. What is whipping?

66. What are fasteners?

67. What is print patch?

68. What are Specimens?

69. Bulletin Board : Define.

70. Write the Websters definition for Maps.

Section – C

VII. Answer not to exceed 100 words 6 x 5 = 30

Compulsory Question

71. What are the signs and symptoms of asphyxia?
72. Explain the types of bleeding.

Answer any five

73. Explain structure of kidney.

74. What are the functions of the uterus?

75. Explain dietary management of fevers.

76. What are the causes for blindness?

77. Explain Parker’ s classification of values.

78. Explain the rights of consumers.

79. How will you transfer an applique design?

Section – D

VIII. Answers should not exceed 200 words. 4 x 10 = 40

Answer any four.

80. Explain physiology of hearing.

81. Write on the causes and dietary treatment of atherosclerosis and hypertension?

82. Explain the special needs of a deaf child.

83. State the various factors affecting expenditure.

84. What are the practical considerations to be seen while selecting a fabric?

85. Write on the values or uses of Demonstration


One Question from Part – A and one Question from
Part – B should be answered.


I. Identify the given specimen /Product and write one of its function / use. 5×2=10 marks.

Identication – 1 mark.
Use / function – 1 mark

1. Group – 1
(a) Apple
(b) Goitre
(c) Iron
(d) Patching
(e) Teaching aid.

2. Group – 2
(a) Ginger
(b) Bitot spots
(c) adulterant in Turmeric powder
(d) Mixie
(e) Protein.

3. Group – 3
(a) Fenugreek
(b) Rickets
(c) Hemming
(d) Pressure cooker
(e) Teaching aid.

4. Group – 4
(a) Onion
(b) Angular stomatitis
(c) Satin stitch
(d) Calcium
(e) Egg beater

5. Group – 5
(a) Garlic
(b) Pellagra
(c) Wheat
(d) Teaching aid
(e) Greens


1. (a) Evaluate the nutrients present in 100 grams of fresh Mushrooms (10 Marks)
(b) Prepare a food item with mushrooms. (10 Marks)

2. (a) Draw the structure of eye and explain (10 Marks)
(b) Plan a day’ s menu with high protein and vitamin – A rich food items and prepare an item from the plan (10 Marks)

3. (a) Draw structure of kidney and explain (10 Marks)
(b) Plan a day’ s diet for fever and prepare a food item from the plan (10 Marks)

4. Write about the different preservation methods of fruits and vegetables. Prepare and preserve any one item. (20 Marks)
5 Prepare any one useful item / Product from the available waste products. Write the procedure and explain (Wealth from waste)
(20 Marks)

6. (a) Write uses, care, maintainence & importance of any 2 Labour saving equipments.
Also write the merits and demerits. (10 Marks)
(b) Draw structure of nephron and explain (10 Marks)

7. Prepare models using any 2 temporary and 2 permanent stitches. Also write and explain the stitching method shortly. (20 marks)

8. Make a model of teaching aid and use it to explain any one of the topic from Home science subject . (20 marks)

9. Plan a day’ s Menu rich in Iron content and Prepare a food item. (20 Marks)

10. Name the adulterants used to adulerate the displayed four food items. Also write the procedure and method to detect Adulteration. (20 Marks)

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