Tamil Nadu State Board Nutrition and Dietetics Sample Paper for Class 12

Tamil Nadu Board of Higher Secondary Education Sample Paper / Model Paper for Class 12 Nutrition and Dietetics is given below.


Time – 3 hrs
Marks – 150

Part – A

Note : Answer all the questions

I. Fill in the blanks 50 x 1 = 50

1. The energy requirement for an adult woman doing sedentary work is _________ k. cals.

2. The increased requirement of iron during pregnancy is to build _________.

3. Infants of 6 – 12 months of age require _________ gms of protein per kg of body weight.

4. Inadequate intake of Protein, Energy or both result in _________.

5. The iron requirement per day for 11 year old girl is _________.

6. Calcium requirement during adolescence is based on _________ during period of growth.

7. The second growth spurt occurs during _________.

8. Recommended dietary allowance of protein for a normal adult is _________ gm per kg of body weight.

9. Predigested mixtures of amino acids and dextrin form a part of _________ diet.

10. The calorie requirement is increased in fever owing to _________ in BMR.

11. Whole cereals, fruits and vegetables should be included liberally in a _________ diet.

12. The most common symptom of liver disorder is _________.

13. The reliable method of identifying people with higher risk of developing diabetes is _________.

14. Renal stones of uric acid or cystine type require _________ diet.

15. Potassium content in vegetables can be reduced by _________.

16. An important element for the smooth functioning of a dietary department is _________ of records.

17. The common goal in feeding patients in hospitals is to provide quality food to meet _________ requirements.

18. A WHR of _________ or greater in men is indicative of android obesity.

19. Exercise is beneficial to CVD patient as it increase _________.

20. Computers can be used as a tool to teach _________.

II. True or False

21. Average weight gain during pregnancy is 16 kg.

22. Large amount of fluids should be included in a diet plan for a lactating mother.

23. Deposition of body fat during school age is more in girls than in boys.

24. Adults doing heavy work require less calories than those doing sendentary work.

25. Compared to normal adults, the elderly require more amount of fuits and vegetables.

26. Spicy and fried foods should not be included in diet for fever.

27. Foods with low glycemic index should be included in a diabetic diet.

28. Fruits and green leafy vegetables are rich source of antioxidants.

29. Computers are useful in detecting new genetic inborn errors.

30. To improve the protein quality, the ratio of cereal protein to pulse protein should be 3 : 1.

III. Choose the right answer

31. Yolk of egg can be given during, which month of infancy?
a. 3 months b. 6 months c. 9 months

32. The quantity of fruits to be included in a diet for a preschool child is
a. 200 gms b. 50 gms c. 100 gms

33. Important meal in a day’s diet is
a. Lunch b. Break fast c. Dinner

34. Which of the following can be included in the diet to prevent anaemia among adolescent girls.
a. Green leafy vegetables b. Fruits c. Groundnut

35. The best meal patteren for an elderly is
a. Small frequent meals b. Three large meals c. As they wish

36. Which of the following is a causative factor for ulcer
a. Stress b. Activity c. Salmonella Typhi

37. Which food should be avoided in a diet for infective hepatitis.
a. Custard b. Cream c. Potato

38. The accumulation of abnormal amount of fluid in abdominal cavity is
a. Ascitis b. Oedema c. Hypertension

39. Which of the following can be included liberally in diet for diabetes.
a. Jaggery b. Fruits c. Green leafy vegetables

40. An individual with a BMI of 27 is
a. Normal b. Over weight c. Obese

IV. Match the following
41. Peptic ulcer – Short duration

42. Low sodium diet – Full liquid diet

43. Iron deficiency – Hypertension

44. Sedentary worker – Mechanical soft diet

45. Low fibre diet – Soft diet

46. 300 ml of milk – Bland diet

47. Old age – Post man

48. Dental problems – Koilonychia

49. Milk – Diarrhoea

50. Typhoid fever – 9 gms of protein

Section – B

V. 1. Answer any 15 questions 15 x 2 = 30
2. Answer should not exceed 30 words

51. Define galactogogues and give examples

52. List four liquid supplements that can be given to an infant.

53. List two reasons when an infant needs artificial feeding.

54. List two points to be considered to develop good food habits among preschool children.

55. How will you stimulate interest in preschoolers to eat food?

56. List two objectives of the school lunch programme.

57. List the two factors that influence eating habits in adolescent girls.

58. “Faulty eating habits contribute to obesity”, list any two factors.

59. What are the two reasons to recommend 1000 mg of calcium during old age.

60. List two factors that have to be considered in planning therapeutic diets.

61. What are the foods, which are hard to digest and must be avoided for a patient with tuberculosis.

62. List two reasons why high fibre foods should be given to obese people.

63. Give two reasons why pulses and meat should be given to a patient with cholelithiasis.

64. Why is iron supplementation essential in cirrhosis. Give the daily dose.

65. What is the difference between nephritis and nephrosis.

66. Give the principles of diet in the treatment of atherosclerosis.

67. List two foods to be avoided to a patient suffering from hypertension.

68. List the steps in the counselling process.

69. List two functions of food service in a hospital dieatry.

70. Give two uses of computers in diet counselling.

Section – C

VI. Note : 1. Answer six questions 6 x 5 = 30
2. 80th question is compulsory

71. Brief on the steps to be followed in planning a meal for an adult man doing sedentary work.

72. What are the points to be considered in planning a diet for a pregnant woman?

73. Explain any two advantages of breast feeding.

74. Justify the nutritional requirements for energy protein and calcium for an infant.

75. Define reference man and woman.

76. List the principles of therapeutic diet.

77. What are the modifications made in the diet for Tuberculosis.

78. Write a note on the types of Diabetes.

79. How will you identify acute renal failure with the symptoms?

80. Plan a packed lunch for a school going boy which provides 1/3 daily requirement.
How will you counsel an ulcer patient based on dietary guidelines?

Section – D

VII. Note : Answer all Questions 4 x 10 = 40

81. Explain the nutrient needs during lactation
How eating habits affect the nutritional status of the adolescents.

82. Describe the physical and physiological changes during old age.
Explain the dietary modification in the treatment of obesity.

83. Describe the agents which cause damage to liver.
Define and explain glycaemic index of common foods.

84. Explain the two types of dialysis.
( or )
Plan a day’s menu for an adult man with severe sodium restricted diet for a congestive heart failure patient.

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