General Instructions for message writing:

  •  A message does not need an address.
  •  The message must be put in a box.
  •  The key points are to be very brief and precise.


1. You are Vivek. You have received a telephone call for your friend Rajesh from one of his clients. Mr. Satish, that the meeting fixed for the 5th has been postponed to 10th February at 9am at his chamber. He added that he should also carry his laptop.
Write the message.

Message Feb 5, 2011

8 am



Mr.Satish called up to inform that the meeting fixed for 5th has been rescheduled to 10th Feb at 9 am at his chamber. You are also required to carry your laptop.


2. The following is a conversation between Varun and Radha. After speaking to Varun she writes a message for her father. Write the message in not more than 80 words. Put the message in a box.

Varun: Hello! Hello! This is Varun from Agra. Could I speak to Mr. Mohan? I am his cousin.

Radha: Good morning, Uncle. I’m Radha. Daddy has not yet returned from his morning walk

Varun: Well, I have some good news for him. I want to break it to him. When is he likely to return?

Radha: He may take half an hour or more.

Varun: In that case, ask him to ring me back. Tell him it is urgent.

Radha: I’m leaving for school, but I’ll leave a message for him. Thank you for calling.

MessageJune 200X                               7 am




Uncle Varun called from Agra to say that he had some good news for you, but he wouldn’t break it to me.

Please ring him back as he said it was urgent. I’m leaving for school just now.



For Practice:

1. Karan had the conversation given below with his mother’s friend, Sheela. Since he was going out immediately afterwards he left a message for his mother. Read the conversation and write the message in not more than 50 words. Put the message in a box.

Sheela: Hello, this is Sheela speaking. Could I speak to Usha?

Karan: I’m afraid she’s not at home, aunty.

Sheela: When is she likely to come back?

Karan: Not before six in the evening. Could I give her a message?

Sheela: Yes, please. Could you tell her that I have been able to make the appointment with the editor of the magazine, “The Child’s Universe?” We have to meet her at 10a.m tomorrow. Since Usha doesn’t know the place. I will come and pick her up at 9.30 a.m. She should bring the manuscripts she wants to show Mrs. Shekhar that is the editor’s name.

2. The following is a telephonic conversation between John and David. After this call, Mr. John receives an urgent telephone call from Mumbai. Before leaving, he leaves a message for Mr. Tommy. Write the message in not more than 50 words. Put the message in a box.
David: Hello! Is it Ahmedabad 632392?

John: Yes, it is.

David: Can I talk to Mr. Tommy?

John: Sorry, he is not in the office. May I know who is on the line?

David: I am David, a friend of his.

John: Would you like me to convey a message?

David: Yes. Inform him that the interview scheduled for 5th October has been postponed to the 7th.So he can reach Delhi by 6th evening. The inconvenience is regretted.

John: I will surely convey this message to him.

David: Thank You.

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