Diary is a kind of personal document. It records an individual’s account of a day of his/her life.


  •  Top left- Date, day and time.
  •  Tense Most frequently used- Simple past, Present perfect and future.
  •  First person application.


  •  Begin the entry with general sentence describing the day or momentary feelings.
  •  In the body, you may discuss an event, your feelings towards it. How it is likely to affect your future plans.
  •  Conclude with final remark and future course of action.

Solved Example

1- You are Naresh. You happened to go to Agra in a crowded bus on a hot summer day. Record your experience in the form of a diary entry.


Today I had the bitterest experience of my life. I never had such an awful experience in my life before. I had gone to Agra for an urgent work. There were very few buses plying today as most of them had been put on election duty. I waited for two hours at the bus-stop to get into the bus. It was much crowded. I somehow managed to get some space for myself. It was really difficult to breathe. Everyone was sweating. People were pushing each other. After journey of two hours, I came out of the bus and took a sigh of relief.

I’ll never forget this journey in my life.


Questions for practice:

1- Today you visited your ancestral village and watched the farmers harvesting a crop of wheat. Make a diary entry describing your experience at the village.

2- You happened to visit the science city, Gandhinagar as a part of educational excursion of your school. Describe your experience in the form of a diary entry.

3- You were a member of a team of students campaigning against the spread of smoking in the village community. Make a diary entry describing your participation and success achieved in your mission.

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