Description (People, Objects, Events)

It means to describe a person, place and an event factually. It needs to draw a complete mental picture of the person, place or event being described.


  •  It should be descriptive and detailed.
  •  It must not include opinions or speculations.

A) Description of a person


  •  Physical appearance
  •  Habits
  •  Profession
  •  Good qualities
  •  Special traits
  •  Use active/passive voice
  •  Simple present is to be used
  •  Give concrete examples and anecdotes.
  •  Marking scheme
  •  Content 2 marks
  •  Language – 2 marks
  •  Accuracy -2 marks
  •  Total – 6 marks

Solved example

Description of our prime minister

Name: Narendra Damodardas Modi

Qualities of a true leader: honest, hardworking, humble

Different from other leaders: no desire of name, fame

Mission: service to the nation

Expectation from him: to take country to greater heights

Our Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi

Narendra Damodardas Modi is my favourite leader. He is the Prime Minister of India. He has all the true qualities of a true leader. He is honest and hardworking. He is very humble. His simplicity connotes him. There is no trace of any pride in him. He is very different from other political leaders. He has no desire for any name, fame or riches. He is faultless and blotless personality. Service to the nation is the only mission of his life. All the Indians hold him in high esteem and expect that he will take the country to greater heights.

Practice questions:

1- Write a factual description of the postman of your locality.
2- Your friend could not attend the marriage of your sister. He desires to know about the groom from you. Describe the groom to your friend in about 80 words.
3- Give a detailed description of your principal.
4- A suspicious character is hanging around in your locality. Describe the character to the police.

B) Description of a place


  •  Mention the location, dimension and facility in case of school, home or library.
  •  Description of a city- geographical location, the people, their dress, food habits, social and cultural customs, occupations etc.
  •  Followed by remarkable features like weather etc
  •  Use simple present and passive forms.

Solved Example:

  • Give a brief description of your school using the hints given below.
  •  KV AFS Baroda
  •  Beautiful ‘C’ shaped building
  •  Vast play ground
  •  30 rooms and a conference room
  •  03 science laboratories-Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  •  2 Computer labs
  •  A library full of books
  •  A group of learned teachers and well-disciplined 1500 students.
  •  Principal-Vibrant, talented, excellent administrator and child loving

My school

I have been the student of KV AFS Baroda since my beginning of school life. This is a ‘C’ shaped big building, spread in an area of about 2 acres. It has a beautiful vast playground. There are 30 spacious rooms to impart education to nearly 1500 students from classes I to XII. The rooms are big, airy, well ventilated and furnished with modern class room furniture. There is also a well-furnished large conference room. The school has three separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology respectively. Besides, it has two air conditioned computer labs with internet facilities. A huge library with books on various subjects is the pride of the school. Education for all round development is imparted by a group of learned teachers to 1500 well-disciplined students. The school is well run by our vibrant & talented administrator and affectionate Principal Mrs. Sarita Naswa.

Practice Questions-

1- Describe your house to your pen friend.
2- Describe the library of your school.
3- Describe the Zoo of your city.

C) Description of an event


  •  Usage of past tense.
  •  Use Passive voice to describe scientific, technical writing and lab reports.
  •  Also known as report writing.

Solved Example:

Your school organized a free eye Camp for the students of your school during autumn break. Well known eye specialists were invited on this occasion. You are Rajat, the head boy of this school. Mentioning the title, the date, the number of students benefited from this camp, write a description of this camp in about 100 words.

Free Eye Camp
By :Rajat

Date :
Place :

During the autumn break, our school organized a three day free camp in the school auditorium. More than 150 students and residents living in the vicinity of the school visited the camp for eye-checkup. Dr. Abhimanyu, Head of the Deptt. , Eye Deptt. Civil Hospital, Vadodara and other prominent eye specialists treated the patients. The patients were provided with spectacles and medicines on the spot. The Assistance Commissioner of Ahmedabad Region graced the occasion with her august presence. The camp benefited the students and the visitors. The services were rendered free of cost. The camp was a great success.

Practice Questions-
1- Describe the Annual day Celebration of your school in about 100 words.

(Hints- Date & time- 22 April, 2011 at 06:00 pm at School auditorium, Chief guest Mr. Nanda, the district Collector, Activities- annual report presentation, prize distribution, cultural programmes, blessings by the chief guest and Vote of thanks.)

2-Describe a road accident you witnessed recently.

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