A story is narration of a set of fictitious events often used to convey a moral message.


  •  Context- Use phrases like- ‘Once upon a time…’, ‘It happened so…’, ‘Longlong ago…’
  •  Introduction of characters- through dialogues or narration.
  •  Plot- Description of an event/accident
  •  Climax- end of the story, Most interesting, Unpredictable


  •  Set the context
  •  Introduce characters
  •  Develop plot(s)
  •  Reach climax
  •  End the story

Practice Questions

1) Interpret the pictures below and write a short story in about 150 words:

2.You went to your aunt, Mary’s house for her blessings on your birthday. She asked you to do one good thing every day. The next day when you were going to your school you helped an old woman. Write a story how you helped an old woman when you remembered your aunt’s advice.

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