What are determiners?

Determiners are the words which are used before nouns to determine or fix their meaning.


1- Articles : a/an, the

2- Demonstrative adjectives : this, that, these, those

3-Possessives : my, our, your, his, her, its, their

4- Adjectives (Quantity & Number) : some, any, much, many, all, both, little, few,several, less, one, two, etc.

5- Others : each, every, next, another, either, either,  first, second , etc

A- Used before singular countable nouns beginning with consonant sound.

Example- a one-eyed man, a unique place, a European, a University, a Mango etc.

An– Used before singular countable nouns beginning with vowel sound.

Example- an Indian, an hour, an umbrella, an honest boy (Mute ‗h‘)

Definite article (the) – Used before both countable and uncountable nouns.


1- When we talk about something for the second time in the same context or anything qualified by a phrase.

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