When we compare things, persons and places.

Degrees of comparison:

1- Positive degree- No comparison is made.

Lata is a tall girl.
Maya is a beautiful girl.
Ramesh is junior to me.

2- Comparative degree- Comparison between two.

Gayatri is taller than Lata.
Ravita is more beautiful than Maya.

3- Superlative degree- Comparison between more than two.

Seema is the tallest girl of class X B.
Savitri is the most beautiful girl of class X B.


1- Use of ‘than’ in comparative degree.
2- Use of ‘to’ in comparative degree.
3- Use of article ‘the’ in superlative degree of comparison.
4- Formation of comparatives and superlatives of double and more than double syllable words i.e. beautiful.

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