Unit – 1: Evolution: Concept, Human Evolution: Homosepains, Homoerectus. Evolution of Society: food gathering, Hunting, Agrarian and Industrial evolution of culture: Language, culture and society.

Unit – 2: Sociology; Origins, Meaning and Definition; Nature and Scope – Relationship with other Social Sciences.

Unit – 3: Society: Meaning, definition, characteristics and functions: social structure: Elements; status, Roles, Values and norms; Social process Cooperation, Competition and conflict.

Unit – 4: Socialization; Meaning and Definition, Agencies and Theories of Socialization – Social Control: Definition, Means and Agencies of Social Control.

Unit – 5: Social Institution: Family, Marriage, Religion, Education, Economic and Political.

Unit – 6: Social Stratification: Caste, Class, Race and Gender.

Unit – 7: Communities and Groups: Tribal, Rural and Urban Communities; Social groups – Primary and Secondary groups.

Unit – 8: Social Change: Definition, Theories and factors of social change.

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