CBSE Sample Papers

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 6 Maths


Class: 6 | Max Marks: 45 | Time : 2 hrs

General Instructions:

  • All questions are compulsory.
  • Questions 1 to 4 carry 1 mark each.
  • Questions 5 to 7 carry 2 mark each.
  • Questions 8 to 12 carry 3 mark each.
  • Questions 13 to 17 carry 4 mark each.

1. Rohit has 8 blue balls, 5 red balls and 12 yellow balls. What is the ratio of blue and yellow balls?

2. Name the side, vertices ad diagonals of given figure.

3. How many right angles do you make if you start facing south and turns clockwise to east.

4. Construct a line segment having length of 2a

5. Write the number of sides and angles of below figures

6. Draw the mirror image of the given letter

7. Find the perimeter of the rectangle with l= 3.m-6m B= 2.6m

8. Draw a line segment XY of any length. Now,without measuring it , draw a copy of XY

9. Given RS = 2.3 draw AB such that the length of XY is thrice of RS verify by measurement.

10. Find the perimeter of a regular octagon with sides 12.8 cm.

11. Find the No of faces, No of corners, No of edges of a cuboid

12. Measure each of the marked angle with the help of protractor

13. Prove that a square is a rhombus with all its angles at right angles.

14. Draw a rough sketch of a pentagon and draw all it diagonals. How many diagonals can you draw

15. Draw a circle of radius 5.4 cm mark points A at 5cm, B at 5.4 cm and c at 6cm away from the center of the circle, name the points that are inside, outside and on boundary of the circle

16. Find the area of the given figure by splitting them into rectangles and squares.

17. The bar graph given below shows the number of hours that Amar worked per week in a month

  • a) In which week did Amar work for maximum number of hours?
  • b) How much did Amar work in week 3?
  • c) How many more hours did Amar work in week 1 as compared to week4 ?
  • d) Find the total number of hours worked by Amar in a month?

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