National Science Olympiad (NSO)

22nd National Science Olympiad (NSO) 2019 – 2020

The National Science Olympiad is organized every year to motivate students to strive for a better and deeper understanding of scientific facts and data and to enhance their reasoning, analytical and problem-solving skills All school students from class 1st onwards are invited to participate in this NSO,  a unique contest that tests their understanding, level of knowledge, applications and power of reasoning.

Latest: SOF NSO exam dates has been released. Scroll down to check the same.

Important Dates

Event Date
SOF NSO 1st Level Exam Dates 11 and 21 Nov 2019
SOF NSO 2nd Level Exam Date 2nd / 3rd Sunday of Feb 2020
SOF NSO 2nd Level Exam Result to be declared!

How to Apply?

Registration of Students: The SOF NSO is open to the students of classes 1 to 12. Prospectus containing the Registration forms are sent to all schools registered with SOF. Schools not registered may also request for prospectus by sending an e-mail at [email protected]/ phone call. Schools must return the registration forms to SOF, duly filled in and complete in all respects by the due date.

Roll Numbers

The school’s coordinating teacher will generate the students’ Roll Numbers as per the guidelines are given. A copy of these roll numbers along with the Students’ Registration Sheet (SRS) and School Registration Form (SRF) should be sent to the Foundation’s office before the due date of submission of forms.

Foundation will register the applicant school and the students and dispatch question papers and guidelines for conducting the examination. Principals/teachers may please note that any school can be registered as a center for NSO. No fee is required from the institution to become a registered examination center. A minimum of 10 students needs to be registered from each school for feasibility reasons.

The SOF NSO is conducted on three dates for Level 1. Each school may select a date for conducting the SOF NSO as per its convenience. Each date of exam has a separate question paper. Change of date for conducting the SOF NSO is not permitted.

Students should register through their respective schools only. Individual registrations by students are not accepted.

Fees: Schools in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan & Nepal pay to SOF a registration fee of Rs 125* (including GST) per student / Olympiad towards the cost of the examination. Schools may charge an additional Rs 25** per student towards honorarium of incharge, remuneration to teachers to teach and guide, and for other expenses. No fee is payable for students suffering from any major physical disability, or an Indian student whose parent was martyred during defence operations.

*US$9 for other countries.
**US$1 for other countries.

Examination Pattern and Scheme

Class Section No. of Questions Marks/question Total Marks
1 to 4 Logical Reasoning 5 1 5
Science 25 1 25
Achievers Section 5 2 10
Grand Total 35 40
5 to 10 Logical Reasoning 10 1 10
Science 35 1 35
Achievers Section 5 3 15
Grand Total 50 60
11 and 12 Physics & Chemistry 25 1 25
Achievers Section 5 3 15
Mathematics/Biology 20 1 20
Grand Total 50 60

The National Science Olympiad is conducted at two levels

Level 1: The first level of the test is organized in the respective schools of the participants during school hours.

  • The level 1 competition is an objective-type test of 60 minutes duration comprising 35 objective-type (Multiple Choice) questions for class 1 to class 4 and 50 objective-type (Multiple Choice) questions for class 5 to class 12.
  • The question paper consists of three sections –
    • For Class 1 to Class 10
      • Section-1: Logical Reasoning
      • Section-2: Science
      • Section-3: Achievers Section
    • For Class 11 and Class 12
      • Section-1: Physics/Chemistry
      • Section-2: Achievers Section
      • Section-3 : Mathematics/Biology
  • There are separate question papers for each class.
  • The medium of the test in English.
  • CBSE, ICSE/ISC, and State Board syllabus is followed for setting the test papers.
  • The exam is conducted during school hours.

Level 2: level 2 is conducted for students of class 3 to class 12. The qualifiers to the second round would include the following:

  • Top 5% of candidates class wise who appear for the 1st  level exam. Due weightage to marks scored in different sections will be given. Each section is accorded separate weightage.
  • Zonewise top 25 rank holders class wise.
  • Class topper where at least 10 students from a class appear in the exam & scores 50% qualifying marks. In case registration is received section wise, top rank holder, irrespective of the section will qualify for the 2nd level. For section wise registrations, winner(s) of the gold medal may not necessarily qualify for the second level.

Clarifications: Any clarification regarding rules, format/pattern of the paper, etc., may be sought from SOF through phone-call/fax – 0124-4951200 or email at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a student benefit by taking NSO? 

Participants of Olympiads are ranked on the basis of marks obtained. Hence, after taking the first level of the test, students can judge themselves academically at four different levels – within the school, at city level, at zonal level and above all at International level.

Each student is provided a Student Performance Report (SPR). The SPR analyses the strong and weak areas of the student and also gives a detailed performance comparison of the student vis-à-vis other students at School, City, Zonal and International level. Analysis of the student’s past 8 years’ performance is also provided.

Who all are eligible to sit for the NSO?

Students of classes 1st to 12th are eligible to appear for the 1st level Olympiads.There is no other eligibility criterion like minimum marks. Students who qualify for the 2nd level exam include.

(a)Top 5% of students’ class wise, who appear for the 1st level exam,
(b) State-wise top 25 rank holders class-wise, and
(c) Class toppers from each participating school where at least 10 students from a class appear in the exam & scores 50% qualifying marks.

Students from classes 1 and 2 are not required to appear for the 2nd level exam and are ranked based on their performance in the first level exam.

I am interested to take part in the NSO. Tell me how will I come to know about the details of the exam?

All the relevant information is sent to the schools all over the country / Asian countries along with prospectus, registration forms, posters, and other details before the first round and then as the date and venue of the second level is decided, the information is sent to the relevant schools again. The students come to know about the necessary details from their school teachers or through the Foundation’s official website or through the foundation’s facebook page

Myself and few of my friends are interested to take part in the NSO but our school has not yet received any information regarding the Olympiad. What can we do?

Please let us know the name, e-mail ID, complete address of your school along with name and contact details of the Principal. We will send detailed information and registration forms to your School so that your Principal / Olympiad Teacher-in-charge can register your names for the exam.

My school does not want to register for the NSO, but I am very eager to write the exam. Can I do it on my own?

SOF does not encourage individual participation. Students have to register through their schools only.

I have already appeared for the NSO while I was in a lower class? Can I appear again?

Certainly. This will give you an opportunity to improve your previous rankings, and if you are successful in doing so, you will again be eligible for certificates and prizes.

Can I take part in more than one Olympiad Exam?

Although conducted by the same Foundation, NCO, NSO, IMO, IEO, ICSO & IGKO are completely different competitions. Students can register for all the Olympiads in a year as per class eligibility.

My school has already dispatched the registration form. I am left out and I want to register myself for the NSO. What should I do?

You can request your school authority to send your relevant details and fee immediately to us. We will accept it if it reaches us before the last date of registration (usually 30 days before the exam).

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