Indians have always been proud of their cultural heritage. The tangible (monuments/ artifacts), intangible elements (folk traditions/ language) and even natural heritage and its bio-diversity need to be preserved and conserved.

It is important for learners to know about the heritage which enables them to understand the beliefs, values, history and socio-cultural context of their country. This helps them to accept and respect the cultural differences given in the diversity and leads to developing critical skills.

The Board has therefore initiated a micro site on Heritage Education at which will help teachers to explore, learn and empower their students with local heritage and connect them to National and World Heritage Sites.

Heritage Education in the CBSE also includes the celebration of the Heritage Day on 12th January when school children reaffirm their commitment to preserve and protect Heritage monuments of the country. The Board has constantly laid emphasis on promoting Heritage Clubs, initiating Heritage Walks and conducting cultural events to enrich every learner’s overall experience.

The CBSE Heritage India Quiz, initiated in 2001, is an Inter School Quiz which has been conceptualized by the Board with the objective of creating awareness and appreciation in the student community towards the rich cultural heritage and diversity of our country.

This year the event is being coordinated with AETN 18 Media Private Ltd. and is going to be conducted in multiple phases as:-

  • Phase 1 – City Chapter – first week of October to mid November, 2012
  • Phase 2 – Regional Chapter- mid- November to December first week, 2012
  • Phase 3 – National Semi Finals and National Finals – mid week of December, 2012

Note: Finalised Cities will be decided after Registration.

Phase 1: City Chapter

The City Chapter will be segmented into One, Two, Three or Six City Chapters depending on the geographical diversity and the response from each region. It will be held across a minimum of one location and a maximum of 6 locations per region.

The City Chapter will be conducted tentatively between first weeks of October to midNovember, 2012. It will be a single day event comprising two stages. Each school will be represented by three students thus forming a team who may be selected from classes IX-XII.

Stage I: Written Elimination Round

This round will be in the form of a Power Point where the teams from each school will collectively attempt the test. There will be 30 Questions to be answered in 25 minutes where the respective teams of each school will have to write the answer. After the culmination of the test the answers will be provided while the evaluation happens simultaneously.

Stage II: On –Stage Round

In this round with the respective qualifiers of Stage I, an on-stage Round will be conducted which will be of 60-75 minute duration. This round will be conducted in a prominent school of the city wherein questions will comprise of mix of verbal, audio and visual questions.

The winner from each group will qualify for the Regional finals. The Regional Chapter will comprise of 6 teams.

Phase 2: Regional Chapter

The Regional Chapter will be held from mid- November to December first week, 2012. The top 6 teams from each region rather the respective group winners from the City Chapter will be bracketed in one group in the Regional Final. The Regional Chapter will be held in a prominent school of a region and this round will be an on stage round with questions comprising mix of verbal, audio and visual questions. The top two teams from each region will qualify for the National semi-finals.

The draw and schedule of the City and Regional Chapter will be intimated to the respective schools in advance so that the schools can make their arrangements for travel, lodging and boarding.

Phase 3: National Semi Finals and Finals

The National Semi Finals and Finals will be held tentatively in the mid-week of December, 2012. The top 16 teams from across the 8 competing regions will be divided into 4 groups of 4 teams each. The winner from each group will progress to the finals. The Semi Finals and the Finals will be held as a televised show in Delhi.

The interested schools need to send in their registration and confirmation for the event on or before 20th September, 2012 by filling in the online registration form (Annexure A) at The schools may register online by entering their user-id (affiliation number) and password; the same can be used for online registration. After login, the schools are required to fill in requisite details in the registration form by clicking on the submit button. The details related to the name of the Principal, mobile number and the choice of city can be edited by the schools. After the submission of the form online it may be noted that the details once entered cannot be altered.

The schools are requested to take a print-out of submitted registration form on A-4 size paper and send along with the DD of Rs. 600/- towards the registration fee drawn in favour of Secretary, CBSE, Delhi duly signed by the Principal of the school. The form can be sent online and also by post. The downloaded registration form duly signed by the principal of the school along with the DD in original should be sent to .Mr. Sandeep Sethi, Education Officer, CBSE, 17 Rouse Avenue, New Delhi- 110002, immediately by speed post so as to reach the Board by 25th September, 2012 The online registration will be considered only after receiving the registration fees through the demand draft.

The last date of online registration is 20th September, 2012.The schools are advised to register at the earliest possible to avoid last minute delay.

The participation is open to the students of classes IXth- XIIth. The schools interested to register are requested to select and sponsor three students from their schools who as a team will compete with other schools in the City Chapter.

Second class rail fare including reservation charges for three students and one school escort will be reimbursed to the teams who will be competing in the National finals. There are attractive prizes and trophies for the winners besides certificates instituted for the participants. The winning team will walk away with a Trophy and cash prize.

  • First Prize Rs. 21,000 x 1 team Rs. 21,000
  • Second Prize Rs. 12,000 x 1 team Rs. 12,000
  • Third Prize Rs. 7,500 x 1 team Rs. 7,500
  • Fourth Prize Rs. 4,500 x 1 team Rs. 4,500
  • Second Position at semi-final Rs. 3,000 x 4 teams Rs. 12,000
  • Third Position at semi-final Rs. 1,500 x 4 teams Rs. 6,000

The rules and regulations are given with the registration form.

For further information you may contact Mr. Sandeep Sethi, Education Officer, CBSE, 17 Rouse Avenue, New Delhi-110002 at 011-23217128 or email at [email protected]

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