Maharashtra Talent Search Examination (MTSE) 2018 – All student studying in Std. VIII, IX or X in Govt. recognized schools are eligible to participate in Talent Search Examination. MTSE is a center of search and excellence to search for Talented students. To evolve students for NTS and other and competitive examination in future. It also encourage students for various exams by awarding scholarships and prizes.

Latest: Maharashtra Talent Search Examination (MTSE) 2018 has released the answer key for VIII, IX or X. Check the link provided below.

MTSE Exam 2018


  • To search the talented students.
  • To equip the students for N.T.S (Std X) and other competitive exams.
  • To make the students academically competent to appear for various competitive examinations and to create an urge and ambition to succeed in such examinations from an early age.
  • To honour & inspire the students by awarding prizes.

Schedule for the MTSE Exam 2018 is given below.

Events Dates
Last date for submitted application form 09 Dec 2017
Last date for submitted application form with late fee 23 Dec 2017
Date of Exam 28 Apr 2018
Interview will be conducted between 25 May to 04 Jun 2018

Answer Key

The answer key for Maharashtra Talent Search Examination (MTSE) 2018 has been released for VIII, IX or X. Answer keys are usually made available online for the students to give them an idea of how their results would be, with respect to the answers they marked during the Examination. The Answer key has been released now. for further details candidates can check from the table provided below.

Answer Key:

Seat Number and Center Details

Seat Number and Center Details of Maharashtra Talent Search Examination (MTSE) 2018 for all the students studying in Std. VIII, IX or X in Govt is available now. Students are able to search the exam center by selecting their Standards and School District.

Seat Number and Center Details: Click here to check the Seat Number and Center Details.

Application Form

Application forms can be obtained from Headmaster / Principal of the School. Head of the institutes are requested to demand the No. of Forms required by them for Std. VIII, IX and  X on the school letter-head, which shall enable the centre to send the forms accordingly. Fees for these forms can be sent to the centre at the time of submission of the filled forms. Please return the unused forms if any, along with the filled forms. Individual student can obtain application form by paying the fees in advance.

The Schools can download the Application Form using the link given below and print the required number of copies of the same.

Completely filled application forms along with the examination fee should reach MTS office on or before 9th December, 2017.On submission of application forms, students will receive Acknowledgement and Admit Card. Students should bring this admit card while coming for the examination. Xerox it if necessary.

In case of individual students the acknowledgement card will be sent to their residential addresses while for students applying through schools or coordinators, the acknowledgement cards will be sent to their respective schools / coordinators.

If students do not receive Acknowledgement and Admit Card before the end of March, then please contact MTS Office.

Application Fee

  • If the application form is deamanded by the school, taken from recognised co-ordinators Rs. 150/- for each student.
  • Individual applicant should send Rs. 200/- (Rs. 150/- + postage Rs. 50/-)
  • If purchased from MTS office / coordinators Rs. 150/- each.
  • For obtaining the application form by post, send the amount by M.O / D.D drawn in favour of Hon. Director, Maharashtra Talent Search Examination, Pune, payable at Pune. Cheques will not be accepted. Name of the student, residential address and standard should also be communicated along with M.O / D.D.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. All students studying in std. VIII, IX and X in Govt. recognized schools. Appearing for MTSE has proved to be useful as a preparation for NTS Examination. Majority of MTSE Scholars have succeeded in NTS Examination. However, appearing for MTSE is not a prerequisite for NTSE.
  2. For appearing at MTSE std. IX, it is not compulsory to have appeared at MTSE std VIII.
  3. For appearing at MTSE std. X it is not compulsory to have appeared at MTSE std.VIII & IX.
  4. Appearing for MTS Examination has proved to be useful as a preparation for  National Talent Search Examination. Majority of MTSE Scholars have come out with flying colours at the NTS Examination.

Examination Pattern

There will be  two written papers for all standards and will be conducted on the same day for three hours without any recess between.

The questions for the written examination will be of multiple choice type. Four alternative answers will be provided for each question and the student has to select the appropriate answer.

* For MTS Examination student will be provided with a single question paper having both the sections i.e. MAT and SAT and he will have to attempt these 200 questions in 3 hrs. i.e. 180 mins. While in NTS Examination at standard X two separate papers for each section will be provided and students will have to attempt 100 questions from each section in 1.5 hrs. i.e. 90 mins.

Interview Carrying 50 Marks will be conducted only for Std. X

Syllabus and Preperation

Paper I – Mental Ability Test (MAT)

It will have a slightly higher difficulty level than the Mental Ability Paper of Scholarship Examination of Std. VII for Std. VIII, MTSE of Std. VIII for Std. IX and MTSE of Std. IX for Std. X.

For Language Section  the questions will be based on the knowledge and vocabulary of stds. VIII/IX/X respectively. For Languages Grammar & Comprehension will be tested.

Paper II – Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

For Std. VIII, Std. IX and Std. X the syllabus will be as per the school syllabus for respective subjects and classes for the entire academic year. The students should use the regular prescribed text books prescribed for the academic year. It is expected that the student should thoroughly study the curriculum of the whole year.

Interview will be conducted only for Std. X carrying 50 marks

There is no specific syllabus for the interview. The abilities such as understanding, analysis, application with respect to the school subjects will be tested. In addition, the knowledge of current national and international events, the environment in which one lives, achievements in extra-curricular activities in school, hobbies, sports etc., will also be considered.

Pattern of Question Paper

There will be two written papers.

Total time : Three hours

It will be of multiple choice type. Four alternative answers will be provided for each question and the student has to select the appropriate answer.

Instruction to Candidates

  1. Incomplete application form will be rejected.
  2. If the amount sent by the student is less than the fee, the application form will not be sent / accepted. No correspondence will be made in this regard.
  3. It is essential to contact this office if you don’t receive the acknowledgement of your application before end of March.
  4. Under unavoidable circumstances, “Hon. Director” reserves the right to change the date, time and centre of examination.
  5. Prior permission of Hon. Director is essential to change the centre of examination.
  6. Changes in the schedule of interview is not possible.
  7. The centre is not responsible for any postal mishaps / delay.
  8. The final selection will be based on the performance in written examination and interview.
  9. The prize will be sent to residential address by money order / cheque.
  10. Fees, once paid, will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  11. Complaints / suggestions, regarding the exam, should be addressed to Hon. Director, MTSE in written form. The decision of the Hon. Director is final in all such matters.

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