The International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) is a chemistry competition organised for students at secondary school level with the aim of promoting international contacts in chemistry. It is intended to stimulate the activities of students interested in chemistry by a way of the independent and creative solution of chemical problems. The IChO competitions help to facilitate cordial relations between young adults of different nationalities; they encourage cooperation and international understanding.

Latest: Official dates for 51th IChO 2019 has been released. Check the same from below.

51th IChO 2019 – International Chemistry Olympiad

The IChO is organized every year, as a rule at the beginning of July, in one of the Participating countries by the Education Ministry or an appropriate institution of the organizing country (hereafter referred to as the organizer).

Online registration begins 01 Feb 2019
Deadline for Country Registration 01 Mar 2019
Deadline for Head mentor, mentor, observer and guest registration 15 May 2019
Deadline for student registration and Payment 01 Jun 2019
Deadline for online registration of all travel details 15 Jun 2019
Official arrival day 21 Jul 2019
Opening ceremony 22 Jul 2019
Practical exam day 24 Jul 2019
Theoretical exam day and Reunion Party 26 Jul 2019
Closing ceremony and Farewell Party 29 Jul 2019
Official departure day 30 Jul 2019

Unless directed otherwise by the International Jury, the organizer is obliged to invite all countries that participated with a team during either of the preceding two IChO competitions. The official invitation to participate in the forthcoming IChO should be sent to countries by the November preceding the competition. The countries invited must confirm their participation in the IChO according to requirements of the organizer.

IChO 2019 Registration

Registration is organized through the head mentor for each country. The country receives the formal invitation by December. The registration data should be provided on time. If deadlines can not be adhered to, mentors should inform the organizers in time. The host countries usually assist the teams to meet visa requirements.

It has become a custom at the Olympiads that many countries make the problems of their respective national olympiads or selection exams available to mentors of other countries (translated or in the original language). This has been done via printouts, CD-ROMs or websites.

Preparatory Problems

The 50th IChO preparatory problems given below. Students can refer it for the 51th IChO.

Preparation for the IChO Competition

The organizer distributes a set of preparatory tasks written in English to all participating countries in January of the competition year. The preparatory tasks are intended to give students a good idea of the type and difficulty of the competition tasks, including safety aspects

Competition details

The competition consists of two parts:

  • Part one, the practical (experimental) competition,
  • Part two, the theoretical competition.

A working time of four to five hours is allotted for each part. There is at least one day of rest between the two parts.

Competitors receive all relevant information in the language of their choice and are allowed to write the solutions in that language.

When pocket calculators are not provided by the organizer, only nonprogrammable pocket calculators may be used in the competition.

IChO Correction & Marking scheme

  1. A maximum of 60 points is allocated to the theoretical tasks and 40 points to the practical tasks, making a total of 100 points.
  2. The competition tasks are corrected independently by the authors and by the mentors. Consequential marking should be used so that students are not punished twice for the same error. Both corrections are then compared, however, the authors present their evaluation first. After a discussion the final score for each participant is reached and agreed by both sides. The organizer retains the original marked manuscripts.
  3. The International Jury discusses the results and decides on the final scores.
  4. In order to eliminate any doubts about possible mistakes in the processing of the results the organizer must provide the mentors with a list of their students’ total results before the closing award ceremony.

IChO 2018 Result

Official results of the competition and the number of medals awarded are decided by the International Jury. The number of gold medals awarded is in the range of 8% to 12%, silver 18% to 22%, and bronze medals 28% to 32% of the total number of competitors. The exact number of medals is decided on the basis of a blind review of the results. Each competitor receives a certificate of participation.

The Steering Committee of the International Chemistry Olympiad will publish the result of 50th International Chemistry Olympiad (ICho) 2018. Candidates can check the result through the direct link which will be updated here once it is declared.

Other Important Links

Previous year Result

Candidates can check the previous year result which was declared by the chair of the scientific committee from below.

Future IChO’s

  • 51th IChO – July 2019 – Paris, France
  • 52nd  – IChOJuly, 2020 – Turkey, Konya,
  • 53rd IChO – July 2021 – Osaka, Japan

Previous Year Problems with Solutions

The Competition Problem with their solution is given below.

  • Volume 1 [1st – 20th IChO (1968-1988)]
  • Volume 2 [21st – 40th IChO (1989-2008)]
  • Volume 3 [41st – 45th IChO (2009-2013)]

Insofar, Only important details regarding 51th IChO has been announced. Rest of the information is as per the last year details. As soon as the conducting authority release the rest of the information the same will be updated here.

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